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Subject:  Pump

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Josh monin

Beaver dam ky

I water and fertilize out of a 250 gallon tote. I pump the water out of the tote and run it through a sprinkler system. What is a good pump that you guys use? Every one I have bought has broken down or has not been powerful enough. I am running 2 overhead sprinklers.

3/26/2021 12:34:22 PM

don young


I have used one like this 15 or more years and counting will push 4 or 5 overheads

3/26/2021 9:12:33 PM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

Check garage sales, Greg's list and local papers for sale ads.

3/27/2021 2:50:48 PM


Syracuse, NY

i have a Goulds J5S jet pump bought from a cousin maybe 4 years ago - i noticed this past year alone that if not enough sprinklers are running (2+) the pressure drops down over about 5 minutes to zero - this might make sense, since perhaps the term 'JET' means just that, lol; they can be bought very cheaply and easily found, like mine and i LOVE used stuff that works; once the flow is allowed to do so, it really rocks @ 50-60 PSI! also, the cutout pressure setting needs to be adjusted to beyond the max. pressure of the pump, or else it'll turn off/on/off/on, if without a pressurized tank---eg

3/27/2021 6:36:51 PM


Cape Breton Nova Scotia

This is what I use.

3/27/2021 7:03:54 PM


Clinton, Iowa

Josh text me at 563 242 0749 I think I can help ya out . currently workign nights and headed to bed but normally up by 1 ish I'll get back to you this afternoon
Dan Carlson in Iowa

4/2/2021 6:26:23 AM

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