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Subject:  Smart water-on-demand irrigation system

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Shingle Springs, CA

I have been a huge fan of Steve Daletas since his 2016 Elk Grove Seminar when I first learned of his ideas about watering. After hearing him speak at last weekend's California Grower's webinar, I am ready to jump in and start trying to automate my watering system in line with the ideas Steve presented. After a few google searches I came to realize this is going to be a tough hill to climb. It appears the commercial choices available range from insanely expensive on one extreme to inexpensive but unreliable on the other extreme. I finally came across an approach that appeals to me, but it will still be a long and arduous climb. I am making this post so that if there are any others in the group who are of like mind, we can share our efforts and perhaps get there faster and with fewer setbacks.

3/17/2021 12:56:47 PM


Shingle Springs, CA

The approach I am considering is one utilizing various commercially available components and a DIY programmable/configurable controller using open source software. Believe me, I would love to find an off the shelf complete system in the $500 range, but I am not finding it. In my google searches, I came across an open source software project called Mudpi which utilizes the Rasberry Pi (about $35) computer. Mudpi was developed by a Wisconsin gardener whose day job is web programming. There is still a lot of work to do, but this approach looks very promising to me. If we incorporate the lessons learned by Steve and others who have been doing this for a few years into our design, I believe we can put together a system that would be perfect for growing our giant pumpkins.

3/17/2021 1:05:04 PM


Springfield, VT

It is possible to use home automation system to run you patch. I'm using a Domoticz software on a spare pc with wifi base sensors and controls. A wifi relay board controls the valves by switching power on/off and opening and closing the valves. Temperature sensors are utilized to switch wifi outlets for soil and cold frame heating. I'm using espeasy software on the devices. All is open source software.

3/17/2021 9:04:59 PM


Shingle Springs, CA

Thanks VTWilbur. I will check that out.

3/17/2021 11:01:32 PM

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