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Fertilizing and Watering

Subject:  Watering giant pumpkins

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orange moose

Columbus, OHIO

Im technically a first year grower and I wanted to know your guys' opinions. How do you guys water your pumpkins?
(Barrels, sprinklers, etc)

2/26/2021 11:34:54 PM


Ironton, ohio

I overhead water using adjustable melnor spike sprinklers. Municipal water may not be ideal but its what I have. Lot of drip tape users out there. Just my 2nd year 600sqft patch. Lots of options from simple to complex. Good luck

2/27/2021 6:26:57 AM


Central Illinois

I fill a tank with well water so it can warm-up then I pump it through drip tape

2/27/2021 7:02:41 AM


Syracuse, NY

I have spring water that runs all the time from a pipe that sticks up about four feet and has two water spigot hose bibs attached @ about 20 PSI, sorta like what you'd see at a farm; to one lucky bib i attach a dedicated, knobbed shutoff valve for VERY secure shutting off of a 200-foot, 5/8" hose that i attach to that which runs to my entire patch system, let's say; the other bib is used for ANY other water purpose;

From the 200-footer, at each plant's midpoint, there is an inline-with-the-hose PLASTIC TEE adapter that does a male pipe thread X male hose adapter (a Home Depot brass fitting) to which i attach any garden hose running to each plant through any Y adapter or otherwise to each plant's Whizzer sprinkler(s).

At the midpoint of the 5/8" @ 100 feet, i have a 35-50 PSI water pump THROUGH which i can fill a 55-gallon barrel IN REVERSE by allowing the spring water to fill it at any rate, add fertilizer to or molasses/whatever and then by shutting OFF the valve back at the start, pressurize the 5/8" with the PUMP out to the sprinkler of my choosing for that watering cycle.

Make sense??? It's very MANual, lol, but of course i enjoy it! I used to have TEN barrels in a 'farm', but 3 are done for and the other 7 are becoming brittle and dangerous to lean against, lol; i can also water any smaller plant(s) with the 20 PSI early-on; i have meant for YEARS to automate the barrel-filling process whilst i am at work or whatever and have it simply on-always, but, just not yet! it'd take all of a day and 'Voila'! but, what else would i be doing?, lol----eg

2/27/2021 10:27:59 AM

orange moose

Columbus, OHIO

thanks everyone this is helpful!

2/27/2021 11:02:19 AM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

Cold & low ph well water here... works nice to cool patch on hot days Putting it in a black metal 55 gal drum for a day can warm it by 20 degrees. I am going to try adding humic stuff to the water this year to bind away any aluminum in the water.

2/27/2021 11:30:22 AM

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