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Subject:  fertilizer reccomendations

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Cleveland, Ohio

It's my first time really trying for a giant pumpkin and I'm wondering what yall think of my fertilizer schedule, I'm starting with myko azos and liquid kelp April 15th then transplanting outdoors and giving it more of those three and mono ammonium phosphate vitamin b and humic acid, ill continue giving it myko azos vitamin b and humic acid over the entire summer, starting in June ill give it bloodmeal for nitrogen and once the pumpkin starts growing ill give it potash for the rest of the pumpkins life to help grow the pumpkin, any reccomendations or mistakes im making?

2/22/2021 9:23:43 PM


Cleveland, Ohio

Might use RAW nitrogen or RAW omnia instead of the bloodmeal

2/23/2021 12:53:57 AM


Syracuse, NY

You can certainly use the Search Window on the front page and begin by typing in

fertilizer program

and hitting 'GO'
and while otherwise waiting for any single, hit-or-miss (although DEFINITELY WISE AND WELL-THOUGHT-OUT) answers in the meantime about each single topic, you can view at yer leisure a WORLD (Pumpkin) of information about the very topics you have questions about. Every day and night, and all you'll need is a few words that say what the question is and doesn't return a 'You must use valid search criteria'; Keep trying and I usually go to the bottom because that's where all the DISCUSSIONS are - near the top are usually the Grower Diaries and pictures, etc. Good Luck! eg

2/23/2021 1:52:35 AM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

Do a soil test to see what you need..then go from there. Otherwise you are just guessing

2/23/2021 7:38:03 AM


South Dakota

Soil test comes first so you know what you need and are not wasting money on things you don't need. Supplements are expensive, no need to waste them.

2/23/2021 8:45:43 AM

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