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Subject:  Granular vs powdered mykos

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Cleveland, Ohio

Is there a notable difference between the wettable powder Mykos and the granular stuff? I would imagine if they have the same number of spores it wouldn't matter, maybe the powder is just meant for hydroponics but I noticed the powder is almost 50% more expensive so does anyone know if it makes a difference?

2/22/2021 7:10:05 PM



I use water soluble.

2/22/2021 8:22:51 PM


Salem, Ohio USA

Mr. Hadsell- Check out the OVGPG website. Based in Canfield, Ohio. 2 seminars (no charge) coming up soon. Good luck, Alan Gibson

2/23/2021 10:47:35 AM


Centennial Colorado

I use granular. I have never tried wettable.

2/23/2021 2:24:15 PM


Syracuse, NY

A granular product in general is for broadcast spreading of it over a large area and a wettable powder is most-likely for dipping roots into it, perhaps and probably - and, the higher cost equates to the higher concentration of the product in question. Same idea for molasses and, say, BioGrow Endo Plus Mycorrhizal Inoculant. eg

2/24/2021 2:05:24 AM


Brandenburg, Kentucky

Alan can you post a link for the seminars,thank you jerry

2/25/2021 11:46:00 PM


Central Illinois

Powdered myko can be applied to established plants , I don't know if it can go through drip tape but I know you can use it as a drench

2/26/2021 6:24:18 AM


Saegertown Pa.

Jerry go to http://ovgpg.com/ go down the page to 2021 schedule of events

2/26/2021 9:11:40 AM

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