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Subject:  Tea and fertilizer application methods

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Dana Point CA

What is the preferred method of applying a soil drench (either a tea or maybe other fertilizers for this point in the season) to the entire plant?

Is this typically done through the drip tape/line watering setup?

Also, for applying foliar spray, do growers typically use a handheld or backpack pump sprayer or maybe a hose-end sprayer?

8/21/2020 11:16:05 AM


Watlington, UK

Tea will block drip lines, also drip lines will have needed to be have laid down back in May, to allow the plant time to grow over them.
Personally I used a battery-powered pump sprayer with a high volume nozzle that can cope with tea without getting clogged up.

8/21/2020 2:59:30 PM

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