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Subject:  Drip Line Spacing and Other Drip Questions

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South Dakota

My drip line has .5 gph emitters spaced every foot. Last year I spaced the lines one foot apart also and had problems with too wet and root rot as a result. It was my first year with drip, was always overhead before. So this year my plan is to space the lines 24 inces apart and try to learn when and how much water to apply using the drip. What spaceing do you use and what do you think my line spaceing should be? Another question, can you simply count the number of emitters and multiply by the drip rate of the emitters and use that number of gallons applied/hour, or is this way too iffy way of determining how much I am applying in a set time? Do I need to get a flow meter? Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

5/3/2020 8:18:04 PM



I space mine every foot and a half with drip tape that has emitters spaced a foot apart. Ive got sandy soil but wasnt sure how much i was putting down/how wet my patch was getting so I started using some water sensors from spectrum technology. You can place the sensor at different depths and distances from emitters and get real time info. Do you have a flow /pressure regulator along your main line.

5/3/2020 10:14:12 PM


South Dakota

I do have a 20 lb pressure regulator on the system. I will look into the moisture meters. I have looked at them before, but really don't understand what I am reading and what the graduation marks on the meter mean as to when is it getting too dry and water is needed. Do you let it get almost all the wqy to "dry" or half way between "wet" and "dry"??? I have a loam soil that leans to the clay side so I have alot of water holding capacity. How deep should I be monitoring the moisture level? Overhead is so much easier, put out the rain gauge and you know how much you have put on. LOL I'm sure I will live the drip system once I get it figured out. Learning curve you know. Thanks.

5/4/2020 9:04:43 AM


South Dakota

Found a moisture probe that gives the "normal" range on the scale, I also ordered a cheap garden hose flow meter to help get this down. Thanks again.

5/4/2020 10:22:50 AM

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