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Subject:  Super Size Your Pumpkin Power

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Washington State

Pumpkin Power 9-3-4 plus 3% Calcium is an all organic fertilizer for growing giant pumpkins.Use in the trench with Myco and tilled into beds. Made with: feathermeal, steamed bonemeal, langbeinite, gypsum, and is optimized for maximum effectiveness with Amino Acid Bio-Activator. Try 10 lbs and we will include an extra 20% of product for the same price. You get 12 lbs. for the price of 10 lbs. On your Paypal order just type in SSPP for"Super Size my Pumpkin Power" on the instructions to merchant line. Read more about Pumpkin Power on the fertilizer page at www.hollandsgiants.com

3/27/2020 10:13:22 PM

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