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Fertilizing and Watering

Subject:  Fertilizer and nutritions to use

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Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out and tell me what kinds of fertilizer to us for pumpkins I can get them up between 600 and 900 lbs and that is it also how much do you water daily or weekly just need some help with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10/13/2019 8:21:02 PM


Central Illinois

It can be many things other than fertilizer thats holding you back

10/14/2019 7:06:41 AM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

We really can't tell you without knowing all your growing conditions. See if you an find a mentor close by who may have many of the same conditions you have.

10/14/2019 9:38:30 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

People would need to see a good soil test to give recommendations on fertilizer. Watering depends on the rain and soil texture. Sand requires much more water than clay, and silt is somewhere in between, There could be other factors, such as the amount of sunlight, soil drainage, PH, soil borne diseases, insects, nematodes, etc.

10/14/2019 10:47:19 AM

Gritty Kins

An Island in the Sun

I will get chastized maybe but a balanced granular fertilizer 10-20-20 or similar might get you to that size. Generally speaking garden/ veggie fertilizer will work much better than lawn fertilizer. As for watering I think daily is going to be better than weekly. The ground doesnt need to be soggy just moderately damp. Water when the soil surface begins to dry but dont water too much. Dig 6 inches down to check the soil or use a probe. I think 1/2 inch per day is a middle of the road amount... Its true that ballpark guesses wont grow 2k but I think they could certainly get you into that range you are looking for... Good luck and yes there are better answers and more wisdom here if needed. I am assuming a lot here. If you dont want to gamble you gotta get a soil test!

10/15/2019 12:11:38 AM

Gritty Kins

An Island in the Sun

I mean you could get in that range with some educated guessing its NOT certainly going to get you there. It might just get you a bunch of aborts. Good compost or manure might be better than chemicals... I dont know what your soil needs just trying to keep it simple if you are tilling sod maybe you dont need more organics.

10/15/2019 12:26:07 AM


Seattle, WA

Don't forget the importance of good genetics too!

10/15/2019 3:16:17 PM

Green Toe


What Bill Foss said

10/15/2019 8:48:03 PM



Go to the ovgpg spring seminar or make friends with a local grower-lots of heavy hitters in ohio/penns.

11/9/2019 2:04:16 PM

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