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Subject:  vine rooting-drip vs overhead

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DJ SpudKin


I mostly water with drip tape. The soil at the top my buried vines can still be dry at the surface. Last year I tried the Paton pot system and still didn't get great top of the vine root growth. Do I need to water overhead to get the top roots to grow?

10/11/2019 5:42:54 PM


Central Illinois

you want the mounded soil to stay moist for a week

10/12/2019 7:34:16 AM

DJ SpudKin


I had the pots of soil very wet. The media was either too light and dried out quickly, or the drip tape irrigation doesn't wick up into the pot. I'm curious if it's the drip tape or if other growers with drip tape have not had this problem.

10/14/2019 10:31:50 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


I've had to manually spray at the nodes to keep the mounded soil on top of the nodes moist. Once the root 180's over the vine and goes down into the ground the drip tape should be enough.

10/14/2019 11:34:14 AM

DJ SpudKin


Thanks for the information. This looks like an easy improvement to make next year.

10/14/2019 2:34:53 PM


Central Illinois

As an experiment I put wet shredded paper over a dozen nodes and all of them rooted, I watered them once a few days after applying it. I tried just layered newspaper too but on some of those the root got trapped inside the paper

10/15/2019 6:55:18 AM

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