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Subject:  Soil Test Results

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South Dakota

Here is the results from my soil test taken last fall. I applied all the recommended amendments from the test last fall and worked in deep. Do I need to sample again this spring? I plan on applying compost/worm tea weekly through the season. I have a worm farm and have about 5 gallons of casting saved up and get about a gallon of castings in a month. I have good quality homemade compost that I will use in my vine burying mix. Only my second year, first year testing. I am certainly open to anyones suggestions about how to develop a fertilization program based on these tests and my plans. Thanks for your help.

3/14/2019 1:32:02 PM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

If you made your amendments last fall a spring test is used to fine tune your soil. Where in SD is your patch? Have a great Year.

3/19/2019 10:19:02 AM


South Dakota

I live in Plankinton, SD. About 125 miles west of the SD/MN border, right on I-90. Most of the patch is still under a foot of snow. I covered a 6x6 ft area with hay bales last fall, then covered with plastic. No frost under the bales at all when I dug them out this "spring". Got my heat cables bury yet, but just moved a 6x8 ft cloche over the planting area. Hoping to have a plant in the ground by April 20.

3/19/2019 5:27:22 PM


Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Joe Ailts is the guy to help with your soil test. He went over my soil test last year. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

3/19/2019 7:50:06 PM

Orange U. Glad


Might be easier to get Joe's help if you spend the $25 to join his club, St. Croix Giant Pumpkin Growers.

3/20/2019 2:49:17 PM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

LJ I lived in Rapid for three years back in the 70ies. When I would go home to MN I always had to stop off in Plankinton to gas up to make it to Worthington. I will likely be coming by in the first week in July if the plans don't change.

3/20/2019 3:53:55 PM


Rapid City, SD

april 29th...to early.........lol

3/20/2019 7:42:21 PM


Spokane Washington

Recommend warming up your planting site with a clothe over heating cables and setting out your pre-sprouted babies around may 1st through 10th...

3/21/2019 2:52:24 AM

SD Mike

South Dakota

I'd add AMS as your nitrogen source. The sulfur will help lower your pH by driving out excess mg. Ideal pH for almost every crop is under 7. Usually 6.3-6.5.

4/17/2019 1:45:18 PM

SD Mike

South Dakota

Also... i'm really confused about the soil lab that you use. Base saturation (calcium, magnesium, potassium, hydrogen, sodium) should always add up to 100% total. Ideal is 70-80 calcium, 10-15 mg, <1 Na, 10-15 H.

4/17/2019 2:07:54 PM

SD Mike

South Dakota

4-7 k

4/17/2019 2:08:24 PM

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