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Subject:  new m.g. bloom booster npk

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G. Kins

Southwest WA

Wondering if anyone noticed the switch to 15-30-15? Not thrilled with this.

2/15/2019 12:19:05 AM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Well it used to be 10-52-16 or something so I guess this proves all good things must end someday. No Stollers up my way. Oh well.

2/15/2019 1:37:58 AM


Bloomington, IN USA

That doesn’t make any sense that they would do that.
Try these alternatives:
Schultz Bloom Plus 10-54-10
Scott’s Super Bloom 12-55-6
Hawaiian Bud. 5-50-17
Jack’s Blossom Booster. 10-30-20
The advantage to Jack’s is that it has Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo & Zn in it also.
But Jack’s Tomato Feed has Ca in it too.

2/15/2019 5:11:35 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

I will look for those when needed...

2/15/2019 8:24:01 PM


Spokane Washington

Based on our soil tests we wont need to add any phosphorus to our patch for 1000 years... LoL!

2/16/2019 3:12:38 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Lol. I use relatively small amounts foliar... Hard to affect the baseline that way.

I think the copper and phosphorous may help with powdery mildew, but I totally respect avoiding putting anything on the leaves, too.

2/16/2019 4:38:20 PM

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