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Subject:  Laying T-Tape

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Tasmania Australia

Hi, I realise this might be a basic question, but i have to ask just to make sure.
When laying the T-Tape, are the emitters suppose to be on the bottom or on top?
Had a bit of a search around but was unable to find any answers.
Any help would be appreciated.

11/3/2018 2:56:25 AM


Corryton, TN

The tape will function properly any way you lay it. In commercial use some brands come off the spool up and others down. In our application they usually end up both due to wind and expansion due to heat.

11/3/2018 5:43:34 AM

andy W

Western NY

Holes up so emitters don't clog is what I was told.

11/3/2018 8:33:41 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

The directions I read said holes up. That was on dripworks.com I believe.

11/3/2018 3:38:13 PM


SW Ohio

Holes up is how I lay it. Per directions from Columbus Irrigation.

11/3/2018 8:07:38 PM


Tasmania Australia

Cheers, I will go with holes up.
Greatly appreciated.

11/4/2018 12:02:35 AM

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