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Subject:  Cal-Mag

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Millville, UT

Looking at several Cal-Mag amendments I have noticed that they are derived from Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium nitrate. Can you get the same benefit by using Calcium Nitrate fertilizer and Epsom salt? I have read you should not mix Calcium nitrate and Epsom salt together but can you apply them on separate days?

7/6/2018 3:27:03 PM


Nottingham, UK

No problem mixing when diluted.
Same effect obtained.
More important is the ratio.
Ca,Mg and K ratios are key.
Apply too much Ca can your deficiency of other two and visa versa.

8/25/2018 7:05:36 PM


Nottingham, UK

But higher concentrationswill precipitate.
Test in a clear cup first

8/25/2018 7:09:02 PM

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