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Subject:  Feeding schedule

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Burt NY

Is there an updated feeding / fertilizer daily schedule ?
I am working off notes from past years

7/5/2018 10:43:54 AM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

Did you ever see Hollands feed schedule? I don't know if it's on his website but I might have an email attachment of it.

7/7/2018 7:26:12 AM


Osseo, MN

Holland's feeding schedule is super aggressive. I was warned against going too aggressive by other growers depending on soil, water quality, growing area and goal. If you are trying to break a world record then use that feeding schedule. Obviously have a soil test first and learn about whay the ferts do. I have heard that too much phosphorus is bad and it does not absorb as quickly as the nitrogen or potassium. I think that having a permanent post of these basics are somewhere on the site. If not there should be.

8/11/2018 5:23:56 PM

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