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Subject:  YouTube educational vids I recommend

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Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

These guys have a dialogue about just about everything soil related, which I find easy to listen to and understand. Good learning resource—I watched five or six and it didn’t pop any ads.

This one is on magnesium


5/20/2018 1:28:15 AM


Eau Claire, WI

The reason it didn't pop any adds is because the entire show is an ad. most shows are promotional featuring herbicides and pesticides. There are a few videos on soil and nutrients and weeds, although the latter is usually another pesticide ad (the first 15 seconds [after the 15 second animated intro] CAN help identify a weed and one or two characteristics about it. On a few shows about the 'dangers of pesticides' they did nothing but downplay any risks and suggest that the plant itself is a greater risk to human health because it produces 'one thousand times' the man-made pesticides in natural pesticides. (Wow, either plants are really really dangerous to eat or their sponsors make really really safe products.) However, at one point he did recommend AGAINST drinking the pesticides. :)

I've watched about 2 hours of videos of this series, and I suggest picking and choosing, or searching for a particular pest, disease, nutrient or weed when you have a question. They have a pretty good video on nutrient balance, of course always recommend a soil test. There is definitely something to learn from these guys, but mostly it's an agrochemical commercial.

6/4/2018 12:22:46 PM

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