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Subject:  Flood irigation

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West valley, utah

If you only had the option of flood irigation do you think it is still possible to grow?

3/14/2018 10:10:40 PM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

I think yes if it was me I’d try to get the main itself to grow on a raised bed I don’t think it would be ideal to have it be totally immersed but even that might be fine it just depends on the plant and the soil. Flood irrigation works for many crops. Haven’t heard of anyone using it for pumpkins but... if the soil gets too saturated around the vines consider not burying them as deep? Also theoretically you could water in the morning when the turgor is already high... this might reduce shock & disease.

3/15/2018 1:46:11 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I know of one giant watermelon grower that uses furrow irrigation on his giant watermelons.

3/15/2018 7:30:06 AM

andy W

Western NY

I remember way, way, way back in the day Scott Goodpasture watered by flood irrigation and there was a video of it on his website (now inactive). I believe he still has the Nevada state record.

3/15/2018 8:27:23 AM

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