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Subject:  Nutrient ratios

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Dillonvale, Ohio

I'm using team-pumpkin's soil amendment spreadsheet and was wondering if the ratio of the nutrients was more important than the actual amount. My soil test shows I'm high/very high on pretty much everything, but my ratios are out of wack. I'm assuming ratio is more important since they don't list an ideal for each nutrient. But before I added 600 ppm of calcium, I thought I'd ask

10/26/2017 3:37:49 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Ratios are important. Some nutrients aren't taken up unless another is present. Some nutrients will tie up other nutrients if there is too much of it. The recommendations I get from Western Laboratories always lists ratios and what to watch for to keep them in balance. The test results I just got back show my zinc and phosphorus are both very high, and they recommended adding a little phosphorus to keep the ratio balances.

10/26/2017 8:21:26 PM

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