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Fertilizing and Watering

Subject:  Blumat Digital Moisture Meter

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KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Wondering if any growers have tried one of these and if you found it helpful?


7/26/2017 12:39:10 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Or this one for moisture AND pH readings??


7/26/2017 12:44:48 PM


Seattle, WA


We use and sell them at our farm. I've had good luck with them. You'll need to determine optimal moisture level for your particular soil and crop. In our container soils with cannabis growers for example, we aim for 100 mbar.

7/26/2017 9:39:53 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Thanks Tad

7/27/2017 5:55:16 PM

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