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Subject:  2269 Haist Seed Value?

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What do you guys think this seed is worth? I'm documenting my grow and I want to include an estimated value for my seed, I got this seed for free but i'm guessing $40 or $50? any idea?

5/1/2020 12:50:06 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

I would say that’s probably a good estimate...if they were running low possibly more...great seed choice..good luck this year

5/1/2020 1:16:38 PM


Syracuse, NY

NOT disagreeing, but find out what it went for at about 10 auctions this past winter and average them and there's your pumpkin crowd 'value'.
it is a 2019 seed, so HOW could anyone say it's worth anything, more or less - its true worth will depend on what you grow with it and what you get from that, IMHO.
sorry, i can be a real downer just before going to work, lol---eg

5/1/2020 1:46:48 PM


They are listed at $50 per seed on the Ohio site.

5/1/2020 1:49:00 PM


Plymouth, MN

It's hard to say based on the auctions even--most lots had the 2269 bundled with one or more of Haist's other seeds. Break the WR and its stock will go through the roof. Seriously though, I'm glad you're growing it--I want to see what the pair of Haist's 2003 selfs do this season.

5/1/2020 3:07:07 PM



Id agree on the current retail being 50. Value can go way up or way down based On what it grows and who grows it.

5/1/2020 4:20:43 PM

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