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Subject:  will trade $300.00 worth of seeds for 1911 urena

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I will trade 1 1991 Vander wielen 1 1768 Clementz and 1, 1195 welton and a 741 Porkchop

3/13/2020 7:35:37 PM


Greencastle, PA

Those are good seeds. Give them a shot. You’re probably not going to find a 1911

3/13/2020 9:20:07 PM


Where the PUMPKINS grow/My backyard

Percentage of offspring over 1500 pounds for the 1911 urena is only 43% and while that is high, the 1991 has 50% and the 1768 has 0% the 1195 has not been proven (could be great) the 741 is also not proven and could be great. None of the seeds you want to trade have been grown much, the 1991 has been grown most and that was only 5 times. You should give these seeds a chance. The only reason that their % are low is because they have not been grown.

3/16/2020 8:16:56 AM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

Karadza, your skills as a grower are Absolutely Essential to growing 'em huge. Invest in your abilities before chasing a "bigger and better" seed.

I know because I went down some wrong-headed rabbit holes in my first season. Get yourself a good local mentor.

All the best to you!

3/17/2020 1:07:04 PM


Penryn CA

GPC Last Chance Seed Auction
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Lot 24: The 1911
1911 Urena ’17 (2066 Geddes x 1631 Urena); 1 seed

3/26/2020 1:18:02 AM

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