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Subject:  (2) 2517 Haist and (1) 2269 Haist for sale

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Reno, NV

Hi all,
I just got these seeds from the OVGPG seed sale about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, about a week after that I wasn't able to get my farm loan I needed to stay afloat so I'm closing shop. With that said, I wont have anywhere to grow so I'd like to offer these up for $10 less than I just paid for them. I still have the receipt for them, I paid $60.00 a piece for the 2517 Haist and $50.00 for the 2269 Haist. Obviously not trying to make a buck but would like to try and recoup some of my money. Please don't message me and try to haggle or trade. Price is firm and obviously pretty reasonable.
-Richard Schmitt
PM me @ richard@silvervalleyllc.com
I wont be checking the message board

2/24/2020 10:16:57 PM


Reno, NV

Update: both 2517's are sold. (1) 2269 Haist is still for sale for $40

3/3/2020 4:39:59 PM

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