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Monday, December 18, 2023 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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An odd tidbit here, the bit of rye that matured (pumpkin plant didnt quite use all of the space I planted in rye last year) I threshed with a weedwacker in a 5 gallon drum. My original intention was only to replant it but it turned out so good & clean, I got 5 lbs of edible quality grain, so ground some of it with a coffee grinder and made some rye/garlic bread with it. PS for those that react badly to bread, what Ive found is that its usually the milk or soy that is added to the bread, which makes it problematic. But also the bread at the store may be made from wheat that isn't very fresh and it also could have glyphosate residue or be missing key minerals because of glyphosate?

Anyhow, a bit the of rye in the extra space that the pumpkin plant utilize, has now become a loaf of bread.

Its been a warm fall. I wouldnt be surprised if its a record. A few dandelions blooming here December. This will change soon no doubt. Still looking forward to taking next year off!

Happy winter, pumpkinheads!

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