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Tuesday, August 01, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Humidity Controller (TrolMaster Legacy BETA-6 Digital Day/Night Humidity Controller)

This shows the main brains of the humidity control system. Here if a humidifier or dehumidifier is connected and also the day and night target levels. Since a dehumidifier was not needed this was set to be a humidifier which was the previously shown with the valve set-up.

Selecting the target humidity was a little harder. The goal was 65%, but when this was set the system seemed to run longer than intended leaving the leaves excessively wet, even after some sensor adjustments. So, while it was originally set at 65% adjustments lower were made in increments until the system was operating (coming on and off) at what seemed to be the correct times. This ended up being a set point of only 45% humidity and while this is below the goal of 65% it did seem to help cool the space and provide some supplementation of humidity to the growing space.

This is part of growing as just looking at a readout and having a number set in-mind is a good starting point, but then look at the conditions and make adjustments to ensure it is beneficial to the plant.

Having this automated means some days it runs a lot and other days hardly at all. At least now there is a system that will help ensure the humidity does not drop below a certain level and the hope is this will help keep the pumpkin growing.

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