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Tuesday, August 01, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Humidity Control: Equipment

While many growers choose to use a repeat or cycle timer this system adjusts to the actual conditions. If you know the humidity is always low a repeat or cycle time may work, but the goal here is to ensure the humidity does not drop below a certain level and if the humidity is above this level no additional misting is needed.

As a result, the sensor placement is important as that is what will be telling the system to activate or remain idle. In addition to the sensor and processing controller, when the system determines humidity needs to be added an electrical signal is sent to the (gray) normally closed valve. This has water supplied by the green garden hose ready to go with house pressure and when the valve opens it can then flow through the 200-mesh filter and to the misting nozzles. While salt build-up can be an issue and the 200-meash filter will not likely prevent this, it will ensure that no large particulates that may be in the water get into the system resulting in clogging of the very fine misters.

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