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Saturday, July 01, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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CO2 Regulator

Here the pressure of the 50lb CO2 bottle can be seen along with the actual flow rate. The typically bottle pressure initially is around 800psi.

The flow rate is about 6 to 7 cubic feet per hour. For such a large area many people wonder why it is not set higher, and the reason for this is if the CO2 flows too fast it will cause the regulator to freeze-up and essentially not be able to close the valve. An open valve will result in the bottle emptying uncontrolled which is not good. If this does happen, the CO2 level will go up to over 3000ppm and while 5000ppm is considered not to be safe, this is about three times what the plant can use so it is just a waste of material.

Yes, even in a greenhouse with hot temperatures this freeze-up can occur. This is why getting everything dialed in and adjusted is important. This rate was set with a combination of calculations and then trial and error for this growing area.

More is not better and at this flow rate it will still go through the entire 100ft. loop of “rain tubing” (1/8” black tubing with a pin hole ever 12inches or so). This is placed under the plant canopy to reduce the chance if it being lost and increase the proximity to the plant leaves. This also helps with an even distribution in the growing space with fans to help keep air movement and circulation.

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