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Saturday, July 01, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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CO2 Controller- Titan Atlas 8

There are many CO2 controller options out there, however this one is a great fit for this pumpkin growing set-up. It has “Fuzzy logic” which is essentially a computer-controlled dosing system that will adjust to the growing environment to “learn” what duration of dosing will lead to what CO2 ppm levels. So, it does not massively over or under shoot the intended target and does conserve the CO2.

This controller also has a way to recognize when the exhaust fan comes on and will suspend CO2 injection when the fan is on preventing it from wasting CO2 when the venting is on. Also, it has a photosensor on the sensor so it will only dose when it is light out as this is when plants are able to use the carbon dioxide.

While this may not be a cheap up front cost controller it does save on CO2 in the long run that saves both money but also the hassle of moving those 180-pound (when full of 50lb of CO2) bottle around.

The target level is in the 900-1200ppm range so typically aiming for 1000ppm is a good setting. Here the current reading is 1110ppm so right in the target range so all is good.

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