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Monday, April 24, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Heating the 1832.5 Graham 20 (F: 1938 Sperry x M: 1339 Graham)

It has been cooling at night so extra heating is justified. Not only is the CMH grow light used to ensure an 18-hour day (photoperiod), it turns on in a the small cold-frame around 4am to add some heat as well to lighting. To ensure the area around the plant does not get excessively hot there is a thermostat to turn off the three 100-watt ceramic reptile heaters around the plant. These are used since they generate no light so the photoperiod is completely controlled by the grow light and sun. In addition, there are soil heating cables buried in this 5ft. x 5ft. area. The soil temperature set is 70F (21C) and the heat lamps are set to 68F (20C), but during the day it does get much warmer than this due to the sunlight.

However, at night having the root zone a little warmer than the top growth can help encourage more aggressive rooting which is the reason for the temperature differences.

The seed coat can be seen on the small rock where the sensor is as a memory of what started it all;-)

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