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Monday, July 03, 2023 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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These green partitions are the pumpkins ribs. These ribs mostly correspond to... petals, lobes, or sepals? Well not ever flower conforms to the rule but most flowers conform to the rule: sepals x 2 = ribs. This one does, it has 14 ribs. Thats a lot of pumpkin! In theory this one could have 40% more potential (more cells to start with) than a standard 5 sepal/ 10 rib pumpkin. But of course not all the ribs are equally sized plus this one might be prone to a stem or blossom crack or difficult wheel shape. For most growers these differences in flower construction arent the limiting factor in growin a bigger pumpkin. And even the top growers might not benefit from choosing a flower like this because there could be those additional issues associated with the extra ribs.

It is interesting though!

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