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Friday, March 24, 2023 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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Some observations here, first is that everything is struggling with nitrogen despite my attempts to care about that early season issue, I'm probably just not adding enough. Low oxygen, low temps, less-than- sunny-days, nothing favors root growth. But if the nitrogen is very close to the existing roots the plants can maybe pick it up and thrive, some are doing ok, maybe in the spots where some blood meal was very close to the roots? So a bit of improvement is needed either targeting the small roots directly or via foliar spray. The nutrients need to be very close, basically in contact with the roots. Kind of a 'duh' thing I guess.

Second is the soil temps were as good or better under the double layer of plastic laid on the ground for simple solar heat collection than in the area where I dumped 55 gallons of hot water?? So it seems the single or double plastic (or a lasagna of plastic scraps) achieves what I want, which is an acceptable soil temp. for the top 6" for less work. Interesting.

Last of all the rotted round hay bales started to further "spontaneously combust" they used to be cold but now one is at 70+ the other is at 90 degrees. This is providing as much heat as running a small heater. They have a lot of mass plus they generate a bit of their own heat plus they are wrapped in white plastic so they reflect light well. They generate CO2 (...maybe too much, if I close the tent, between them and the soil they might be stealing all the oxygen).

Anyhow, I think all this new info I am getting could help me be successful. Its exciting.

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