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Wednesday, February 08, 2023 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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Some further explanation if you want to understand the setup in the previous picture:

The white seed embryo in the pic was taken out of a presoaked seed. The seed was planted in starting mix for a couple days, but no root showed in 48-72 hours, so --in my experience-- that likely means the seed does not have much vigor and its at risk of rotting.
... Thus, since its been moist long enough, its now possible strip the seed coat and embryo sack relatively easily without damaging the embryo (the root tip is the critical part, you can accidently break bits of cotyledon edge off and thats not a huge deal but if you break the root tip off then its all over! So starting at the edge break the seed coat off bit by bit then work your way down until you remove enough of the seed coat to be able to gently free the root tip.)

The soda lid may provide some extra heat and humidity, but its not really necessary, just some occasional misting might be helpful, (or even better) because mold actually needs humidity more than the seed embryo does.

If you have further questions please post in the seed starting forum, or email me!

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