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Tuesday, January 31, 2023 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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Next idea... Wood frame plus kitchen garbage sack...
Lifted the thin garbage sack with the toolbox on it which weighs 25-30 lbs, and it held. So hopefully it wont fail when I make the frame a bit deeper and add about 5 gallons of dirt. This might give me a really big plant that can easily be moved into the garden. Having all the roots spreading out wide & shallow will (in theory) solve the problem of the low soil temps and less oxygen deeper down in the ground. The plant will have all spring & summer to send roots deeper and my soil isnt deep anyhow so really laterally will be a better direction for the roots to grow anyhow.

So since it will take 4 weeks to get the size plants I want... I figure it will be a month before the next round of plants is ready to go outside.

Some years we've had snow all month in March, other years our last frost was in February... I dont have an accurate 1 month forcast, so rolling the dice here!!!

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