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Monday, May 27, 2019 Suburban Gardener Western Washington

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This is a problem I did not think I would encounter as a first-year grower- the leaves on my 855 Winey are so large and heavy that they are putting AT LEAST twenty pounds of pressure on the root system, maybe more like 30 pounds, and thus bending the entire plant over towards the afternoon sun. I buried a board as a support to prop the extremely top-heavy plant up. The leaves are still dark green, and some are pointing upwards, so I'm hoping that the plant is somehow still OK. The other 855 Winey would have done the same thing, I'm sure. They were like twins.

I received a large amount of leaf growth after applying manganese in accordance with my soil test.

I also have aphids. They seem to be back after yesterday's application of neem oil.

I'm not posting a photo since it's dark here now and photos will delay the posting of this message. Will post a photo, maybe tomorrow. It's getting late.

This is not the sort of problem I thought I would have as a first-grower, lol! Maybe my soil is too loose because it's sitting in a huge pit of soil.

I still have Information Overload since Dustin visited, and it's a good thing. I don't miss the old version of me.

All the best out there, keep trying Reed! Pumpkin plants are driven to live, keep working with them! School is a important priority too.

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