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Wednesday, March 13 View Page
Hello, and thank you for the warm welcome to Big Pumpkins.com! It was great to be able to chat with some experienced large kin growers this evening! I'm located in suburban western Washington and growing pumpkins in my front and side yards. I grew 11 different kinds of kins last year. This season will be my first year of attempting to grow something larger than a Big Max. I have joined the Pacific Northwest Giant Pumpkin Growers' group and look forward to weigh-in day! The photo is last year's Big Max and my Project Cat Hattie. A project just isn't complete without Hattie! Looking forward to a great season! Much luck everyone!
Thursday, March 14 View Page
Time Marches On, I gather... I watched a rather attractive crew install street lights on every utility pole in the neighborhood. It's quasi-daylight all night long in the pumpkin patch now. The interwebs says that too much light at night can prevent fruit set and reduce crop yields. I guess the good news is that I can now work in the kin patch 24/7 without setting up extra lights. I'll carry on, even if it's like Ballard here now. It must be time to move. Whiling away in Commuterville Looking for my lost constellation of Orion Some people claim that there's a City Council to blame But I know, it's my own danged fault Pumpkining in Commuterville!
Thursday, March 14 View Page
The article here on bigpumpkins.com about Calcium and Giant Pumpkins was quite informative. Now that I'm thinking about it, a lack of calcium could explain the number of soft spots in my medium-sized pumpkins from last season! Will fix!
Thursday, March 14 View Page
Digging a large pumpkin hole in Lakewood soil by hand is a bit of a rough workout program. I really don't recommend it, lol!
Friday, March 15 View Page
Thank You Thank You Chris Rodebaugh for the Amazing seeds! Yes indeed, I need to come up a plan for them ASAP! Will read up here and see what I need to do. I'm seriously considering hiring the guy down the road with the backhoe attachment to dig my pumpkin pits for me because I don't think that out-of-shape me can dig fast enough through the rocky soil. I'm in the same county as Joel Holland so I should be able to get some soil additives from him in a timely manner. I can get some great compost from my parents, they grow all of their own fruits and veggies. Wow, thank you so much! It's shaping up to be an amazing year!
Saturday, March 16 View Page
Lots of reading and research today. I can see that I have more to learn about the various nutrients pumpkins need and which products to utilize. I can also see why soil testing is essential. Western Labs looks helpful. Looks my neighbor does not have tractor guy's number and I'm not seeing it on the interwebs either, and I'm not surprised about that lol. Will drive over to tractor guy's place tomorrow. My neighbor seemed excited about large pumpkins too. I'm looking forward to getting a switch that will isolate the house from the electrical grid, somewhat as a safety issue as well, so that if something goes wrong I can easily shut off the power. Hope all is well, everyone!
Saturday, March 16 View Page
Yay! Greg the Tractor Guy is scheduled to dig my pumpkin pits on Monday! Looking into building an earthworm box with stuff I have on hand. Hattie the Project Cat needs a project.
Sunday, March 17 View Page
It's been an exciting morning in the pumpkin patch! I saw four bald eagles circling around the neighborhood, and one liked me and flew right over the patch! Here's a photo of it circling around. I'm always wishing for more zoom capacity when it comes to bird photography. I like how the sunlight was shining through the tail feathers. Inspiring moments, and hopefully a sign of big things to come!!!! Have a great pumpkin season everyone!
Sunday, March 17 View Page
Hattie the Project Cat loves to ham it up for the camera, lol! She likes the partial pumpkin pit too. Going to have Greg the Tractor Guy finish digging the hole and scrape off the lawn on the far side of the hole tomorrow. For next year, I will prep my soil in the autumn like I should! I am getting a late start, I know, so I'll see what I can do with it.
Sunday, March 17 View Page
My main garden area. Going to have Greg the Tractor Guy dig a pumpkin pit and scrape off the lawn, forward of the fence, tomorrow. I'm seriously considering letting most of my main garden go fallow this year and work on the soil in there instead. My garden soil, so far, has been very basic (steer and chicken manure), but good enough to grow nice small and medium pumpkins, potatoes, onions, peas, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. I want to focus on my large pumpkins this season, and work on my large pumpkin growing techniques. I'm liking the idea of worm farming, both for the garden and the pumpkins. Even though I have some wood boxes and some misc. boards on hand, I am now thinking that a plastic tub with a lid from Lowe's would much easier to deal with. Looks like I'm missing out on much fun, learning, and networking at the Convention! Have some fun for me! /waves at everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Monday, March 18 View Page
Got the front yard dug up and the pumpkin pit is quite large. I'm excited but it was more dirt than expected. A large pumpkin seems real to me now.
Tuesday, March 19 View Page
Question: How big is the Tobeck Death Star? Answer: So big it needs it's own locate! Have a great season, everyone!
Tuesday, March 19 View Page
Pumpkin Field. Getting some nice compost delivered on Friday. Will get my manure order together. A big thanks to the good people of Big Pumpkins.com! I wouldn't have done it without you!
Thursday, March 21 View Page
I can see now why more women aren't growing large pumpkins, which is exactly why I want to do it! Have a great season everyone!
Thursday, March 21 View Page
I am essentially a Project Manager now with these pumpkins, which I was not anticipating. I have many new team members on board now. How did this happen? I thought I was just going to plant some seeds and grow something nice. I'm sure this is all for the best. Best wishes everyone!
Friday, March 22 View Page
I am now a Herder of Deer. I can only hope that Animal Control will help.
Saturday, March 23 View Page
What is REALLY going on with a Giant Pumpkin? I hope to find out!
Sunday, March 24 View Page
Doing more research about soil amendments before making any purchases. There is much to know, much more than just planting a seed.


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