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Sunday, July 10, 2016 Bubba Presley Muddy Waters

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If one more person ask me this question. I will scream like a girl stink bug bathing in Talstar.LOL " Bubba when do you start feeding the kins again after pollination?" I never stop feeding in less the leafs tell me to by there colors.READ & FEED with Marks Mixes.Thats old school growing. We used to fert once a week or 10 days. That hard & heavy hit could cause a abort.With the new daily trickle feed program. No need to stop feeding your babys.Would you feed your newborn once a week? Do you eat once a week? Trickle feed & read is the new way!!If your kins go light to the charts? It might be due to starving them when there developing the wall thickness as infants.Please join us on the Hidden facebook page & learn the newest & latest grow methods.Worldwidegiantgrowers.com $35 to support our Membership. You wont win $$ as the deadline is past. BUTT! you can win products & learn from all our great members daily posts.

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