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Saturday, March 6 View Page
Steve geddes inspired this years line up ;) I'm only going to grow 1 of each but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a couple extras.
Saturday, April 24 View Page
Seeds saw soil on thursday. 1450 Fifolt 19, 1542 Urena 19, and a 1885 Barron 18 as a backup.
Sunday, May 2 View Page
Took a while but the seeds are finally up. Left to right 1542 urena, 1450 fifolt, 1885 barron.
Wednesday, May 5 View Page
Plants are growing nicely
Saturday, May 15 View Page
I lost all 3 of my plants. The backup kicked the bucket yesterday and the other 2 went today. I'm still not 100% sure what exactly happened but I believe it has something to do with the starter mix that I used to germinate them. All 3 plants stopped growing a few days after germinating and gradually lost their green color over the course of a week before shrivelling up. You'd think they'd been hit by roundup if you didn't know otherwise. Bummer
Sunday, June 6 View Page
I restarted a 1885 barron and 1542 urena on may 17th to replace the ones I lost. They sprouted on the 23rd. It was very warm here the past week and they're growing nicely. I decided not to restart the 1450 fifolt to replace the one I lost. I only have 1 seed left and I want to use it next year when I can start it earlier instead of in the middle of may.
Wednesday, June 16 View Page
I will likely still be able to pollinate both plants before July 10th despite the late start. They're the fast growing plants I've ever had. The weather has really been helping. I've been using mycorrhizae for the first time as well and I think it's working good.
Tuesday, June 22 View Page
I hope my plants like hot weather lol
Thursday, June 24 View Page
The forecast has got even hotter
Friday, July 2 View Page
I pollinated a symmetrical 5 lober on the 1885 barron with the 1542 urena this morning. It's only 8 feet out but the main vine tip got cooked and it's the only pumpkin before that. I also lost the main vine tip on the 1542 and a pumpkin I pollinated a couple days ago doesn't look like it took. It was literally 114f out that day so it was probably futile. Secondary it is.
Friday, July 30 View Page
The air quality has been exceptionally poor here in Kelowna all week due to wildfire smoke. I have not been measuring my pumpkins so I don't know how much it is slowing their growth but I'm certain it is at least somewhat because of the reduced sunlight. The sun is a dark red color and you can comfortably stare at it all day without doing any harm to your eyes. The 1885 Barron will be day 30 tomorrow and the 1542 urena day 20. I culled a larger pumpkin from the 1542 yesterday because it was poorly shaped. It had 3 very pronounced lobes and unusually deep ribs for a young pumpkin. It would've split. The 1885 was damaged by a mouse when it was tennis ball sized but I decided to keep it anyways. It healed nicely although the scar will be huge by the time it's done growing, which is a shame because it's a nice orange and round pumpkin. It adds personality I guess.
Tuesday, August 3 View Page
1885 Barron day 33.
Tuesday, August 3 View Page
1542 Urena day 23. This one is open pollinated and on a secondary.
Tuesday, August 17 View Page
The smoke from the wildfires continues to be bad and the lack of sunlight has hurt the pumpkins growth. Ash fell for several days last week and I'm still trying to wash it off the plants. They were completely covered in a layer of it and it sticks to the leaves like glue when you put water on it. The 1885 Barron is on day 47 and is about 800 lbs. Its scar looks like a meteorite crater. It grew fine with the rest of the fruit up until day 30 but after that it slowed while the pumpkin continued to grow, leaving a deep indentation. I kind of expected this to happen though and I think it will be ok as long as I'm careful not to push it too much. The 1542 Urena is on day 37 and is about 600 lbs. It's already larger than what I expected it would be at the end of the season. Maybe I shouldn't have doubted growing on a secondary vine so much. I hope that some heavy hitters grew this seed this year, it has been more vigorous than any plant I've grown before. It's a shame I made so many grower errors but I still have another seed left so I can try it again next year.
Thursday, August 19 View Page
I found a bad area of rot last night on the 1885's main just a few nodes before the fruit. A leaf stalk had rotted and it spread to the vine. I cleaned it out and put a fan on it, it looks mostly dried today. About 1/3 of the main is gone though. I only found it by chance after my hand touched something mooshy while I was putting a new sheet on the pumpkin. If I found it a day or two later it would've been the end of the road for it as there's no plant after that node, only pumpkin. I'll have to keep a better eye on the vines.
Thursday, August 19 View Page
I will post pictures of the pumpkins and plants tomorrow. The 1885 will be day 50 and the 1542 day 40.
Friday, August 20 View Page
1885 Barron day 50. The scar makes me nervous but it seems ok for now.
Friday, August 20 View Page
1542 Urena day 40.
Friday, August 20 View Page
Here's the blossom of the 1542. It also makes me a little nervous but it also seems ok for now.
Sunday, September 5 View Page
The 1885 Barron has made it to day 66 and is taping over 1000 lbs. I'm fighting some vine rot on this plant but otherwise things look alright. It's still growing decently and the scar isn't getting worse.
Sunday, September 5 View Page
Re-uploading the last pic so it isn't sideways.
Sunday, September 5 View Page
Here's the 1542 Urena on day 56. It's growing really good. It has been warmer at night than usual for this time of year and it seems to be helping to keep its gains steady.
Friday, September 10 View Page
I had to remove about 1/4th of the 1885's plant because of vine and leaf stalk rot. I did a sweep of the whole plant and checked every leaf stalk the other day. There was so much rot that you'd think that the plant had a specific named disease but I think that it's just regular plain old bacteria that thrived because of several mistakes that I made which I'll detail below. -I gave the plants way too much nitrogen which caused bumpy, structurally weak, and excessively tall leaf stalks. -The nitrogen also caused excessive tertiary growth which I found difficult to remove because I didn't put enough walking boards in the patch and didn't want to trample through the plant to reach them. -I didn't realize that some parts of the patch that the 1885 is growing in holds water much better than the other half that the 1542 is in and ended up over saturating the soil. The patch is slightly sloped and right beside a swampy area which I think affected it somehow. So what I think happened is the tertiary vines climbed on top of the preexisting canopy and crushed some of the weak leaf stalks which then laid below the canopy on overly wet soil and humid air and then rotted which then spread to the vines. I removed all of the rot and unwanted tertiary growth, and put fans on vines that I think can be saved. I think the plant will pull through. I checked the 1542's whole plant as well but only found a couple of rotten leaf stalks that hadn't yet spread to the vines. Otherwise it was healthy.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Here's the 1885 Barron 81 days after its July 1st pollination. It made it through a week of cold and rainy weather without anymore major vine rot problems. The forecast shows warm spring-like weather until at least the end of the month so hopefully it can add on a few more pounds.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Here's a side view of the 1885.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Stem side on the 1885.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Here's a close up view of the 1885's scar.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Here's the 1885's main. Got the fans going on it. I did a proper measurement to see how far the pumpkin is from the stump and it's only 6 feet 11 inches.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Here's the 1542 Urena 71 days after its July 10th pollination. I think this pumpkin will go heavy, it's shaped like a cube and thumps very solidly.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Here's the blossom of the 1542 which is in the process of swallowing itself.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Side view of the 1542.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Stem side on the 1542.


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