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Tuesday, August 17, 2021 Jordan A. Diary Kelowna, British Columbia

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The smoke from the wildfires continues to be bad and the lack of sunlight has hurt the pumpkins growth. Ash fell for several days last week and I'm still trying to wash it off the plants. They were completely covered in a layer of it and it sticks to the leaves like glue when you put water on it.

The 1885 Barron is on day 47 and is about 800 lbs. Its scar looks like a meteorite crater. It grew fine with the rest of the fruit up until day 30 but after that it slowed while the pumpkin continued to grow, leaving a deep indentation. I kind of expected this to happen though and I think it will be ok as long as I'm careful not to push it too much.

The 1542 Urena is on day 37 and is about 600 lbs. It's already larger than what I expected it would be at the end of the season. Maybe I shouldn't have doubted growing on a secondary vine so much. I hope that some heavy hitters grew this seed this year, it has been more vigorous than any plant I've grown before. It's a shame I made so many grower errors but I still have another seed left so I can try it again next year.
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