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Saturday, April 4 View Page
Perlite tilled into planting sites. Rain tonight and tomorrow so tarps on until I have time to put cables and hoops down on Monday.
Monday, April 6 View Page
Soil cables in and hoop house on the main planting site today. Now time to sit back and watch it rain for the next two weeks
Monday, April 6 View Page
This is where I usually grow my regular garden. Going to try a 150sqft pumpkin here this year.
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
This post is a thank you to Rodebaugh. Even more than the sunflower seeds I had requested he sent me a Mountain State Giant Grower’s patch which really means a lot to me as all of my family comes from the great state of West Virginia. Thanks again Chris
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Started two 1884 Crews today. Figured out that my laundry room stays 85-86 degrees with the door closed. If both germinate they will go in my main patch and one will be culled.
Sunday, April 26 View Page
This is my 1891 Harnica. I was very excited for this 23% heavy plant. One of the cots got stuck in the seed coat under the soil and the plant pulled away from it. I had to do some digging to get it out. Guess I will see how starts out as a one cot wonder!
Sunday, April 26 View Page
1938 Urena, 2269 Haist, and 1884 Crews all looking good. The 2269 had a small cot and they are kinda funky but should be ok. I’m using pieces of wood under the pots so I can adjust the height of each one individually if needed. Other seeds that popped out of the dirt today are 2469 Daletas, 1625 Gantner, and the poor 1891 Harnica. All of these will be grown between myself, my dad and a friend.
Sunday, April 26 View Page
Here are the root nodes on the stem of a 1615 Thompson that I mentioned in the new growers forum
Monday, April 27 View Page
Transplanted the 1884 Crews into a 2 gallon bag today. Hoping to plant this weekend
Monday, April 27 View Page
Roots on the 1884 Crews. Plant is one week old today.
Saturday, May 2 View Page
1884 Crews and 1938 Urena went in the ground this morning.
Tuesday, May 12 View Page
Should be the last night I have to drag the tarp over the hoop. Tarp gives me an extra 5 degrees. So far been able to keep it in the 60’s when temps are right around freezing. 1884 Crews getting the extra attention right now with the light. Also tilled a little more of my cover crop in around the hoop with lots of rain in the forecast for the next few weeks. I could only hope to have growing out of the hoop be a problem.
Thursday, May 14 View Page
Here’s where my 150 patch was going to be. Moved to a different location and got them planted right before this monsoon hit. 1891 Harnica and 1625 Gantner in the ground. 1625 is my 150.
Wednesday, May 20 View Page
Got a system rigged up to collect rain water. Each tote is 275 gallons
Wednesday, May 20 View Page
1884 Crews and 1938 Urena doing ok despite the lack of sunshine lately.
Monday, May 25 View Page
1884 Crews and 1938 Urena both on the ground now. Decision day looming. Good weather in the forecast so they should really start to go. Did about 6” today.
Tuesday, May 26 View Page
Culled the 1938 Urena today. 1884 Crews has the hoop to itself now. Did another 6” today in 92 degree heat. Going to do my final till tomorrow.


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