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Monday, January 20 View Page
Time to start thinking about Pumpkins.
Saturday, January 25 View Page
It was totally inappropriate of me to discriminate against the ladies of BP by not posting some pumpkin eye candy for them. I sincerely apologize and please do not out me to the "#metoo" movement. To make amends please enjoy this post.
Saturday, February 1 View Page
The drip kit from the Illinois auction arrived today. Last year was the first year where overhead watering greatly exasperated the variety of ailments that I was fighting. I purchased a small drip kit last year and it worked out well. So I pulled the trigger on a larger kit. The plan is to go all drip during this year's season.
Monday, February 3 View Page
It was a West Coast day. I received my lifting ring courtesy of Steve Handy and some 1927 Uhlmeyer seeds from the source. The 1927 was one of the first large, orange and round pumpkins. If you ever see a post from Steve Handy offering to sell lifting rings are tri-pod heads, buy'em before they are gone. I will post a pic of the 1927 in my next post.
Monday, February 3 View Page
Here is a pic of the 1927 Uhlmeyer 2017. I appreciate Mr. Uhlmeyer sharing some of his seeds with me. The hobby is so much more than just growing the pumpkins, its the camaraderie of the community. And without Big Pumpkins this would exist on a much more limited scale. I renewed my BP premium membership this weekend, are you a member?
Sunday, March 1 View Page
What's up with people taking pictures of their food and posting it to the internet? I must have looked at the wrong schedule, I thought the GPC meeting was in Orlando. Where else but Disney World can you get a $6 chocolate chip cookie.
Sunday, March 1 View Page
When did Disney add a mechanical fire breathing dragon to their afternoon parade? My little girl was enjoying the parade until this came out. I would accuse her of being a snowflake, but she is only three and is entitled to be suspicious of large propane filled animatronic breathing fire. lol
Friday, March 13 View Page
It is amazing how the internet has led to the creation of more experts.
Saturday, March 14 View Page
The CDC finally provided a reason for the toilet paper shortage.
Monday, March 16 View Page
Tom Hanks just cannot catch a break.
Monday, March 16 View Page
Dang those pesky kids.
Monday, March 16 View Page
2018 was a good year for the Halloween display near the front door.
Friday, March 27 View Page
Paper towels, bottled water, and bleach are back in regular stock in our area, but still hard to find is toilet paper and made of unobtainium is hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes.
Sunday, March 29 View Page
Do I need a 33 round Glock pistol magazine? No. Am I glad that I have it? Yes. Actually, I have been tempted to order this for years, as I could see where this would be fun at the practice range. I saw it online at Cabelas when I was ordering target ammo and decided to pull the trigger.
Monday, April 6 View Page
It's sad, but I had to go best two out of three.
Friday, April 10 View Page
A modern day example of reverse Darwinism.
Saturday, April 11 View Page
Site work done last night. Today is the big day.
Saturday, April 11 View Page
Putting down some tarps and cardbaord for protection.
Saturday, April 11 View Page
Put down a second tarp over the top of everything which may be overkill, but you can never be too careful..
Saturday, April 11 View Page
Project done. Did you think I was talking about pumpkins? I am officially Quarantine Dad of the Week. We wanted to find an outdoor activity for our daughter to enjoy.
Thursday, May 14 View Page
I don't have has much throwback Thursday material as most of you. Here is a group photo from 5 years ago, where I thought that I was the King of Siam for getting so many pumpkins to the finish line in Georgia. I sometimes wish that I was so easily impressed with myself as I was back then. lol
Thursday, May 21 View Page
Throwback Thursday picture to my first year of trying to grow a true giant. which was two years ago. I only had one plant and got one to the finish line at about 450 by way of OTT. Not too bad considering 625 will get you into the Georgia Top Ten. It did have a green streak that kept getting more pronounced as time went on.
Thursday, May 21 View Page
My giant pumpkin did make the class photo look better. I had about a dozen pumpkins for the class photo.
Thursday, May 21 View Page
My Halloween photo from 2018.


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