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Wednesday, January 2 View Page
Here is to all of having a healthy, happy New Year! And of course to all growing PBs!
Saturday, January 19 View Page
So here is my indoor grow. On this side are 2 plants in an Earthbox.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
And on this side, 4 plants in bottom-watered pots. Unfortunately a rapidly growing tomato plant goes thru more than the volume of water than is in the bottom.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
So here is my solution to watering the pots. This especially important as we are going to be in Cuba for a week...Cultural exchange, you know. My purpose in growing these plants is not to compete in the Winter grow. I have 3 Brutus Magnum plants & 3 MegaZac plants & I am trying to cross them.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
I thought I had posted this earlier but apparently not. On the right is a Vegibee for vibrating the blossoms & on the left a black spoon with pollen collected on it.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
It is difficult to choose which pictures of Cuba to show.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
This is the obligatory American convertible in Havana pic! Weíre in the front. Our driver spoke English pretty well. I felt sorry for him though, Kathy had a rather continuous stream of questions for him! Hmmm, didnít see any pumpkins in Cuba.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
I noticed this behind the ship. We are rather distant but there is a storm & on the right there is a linear form that I believe represents a waterspout.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
Since we got back from Cuba, we have to refill the bird feeders. Here is a visitor that we see occasionally in the winter. I had to search for to some time but I believe this is a Snow Bunting.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
Well, despite my best efforts, I have found Blossom End Rot on some of my fruits. At first I gave the plants some Calcium carbonate, then switched to Calcium nitrate & now Iím using some CalMag Plus. I have placed a small yogurt cup for size reference for the fruit .
Monday, February 4 View Page
Here are the magnets my wife made for me on the back of my truck. I am pretty pleased with them. The middle row is giant squash. They are greener than shown in this pic. Next time we will use stencils for the numbers, that would clean them up.
Friday, February 15 View Page
I picked 3 tomatoes today (all MegaZacs) so we just had to have a Caprese salad!


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