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Thursday, January 17 View Page
Thanks for what you guys do!! It was like Christmas at my place today!!
Saturday, March 9 View Page
I had to post these after talking to my boy Iím Minnesota and after seeing Shannonís post. We pulled 3 feet of soil out of both greenhouse this past week.:)
Saturday, March 9 View Page
Figured Iíd till while down that far. The soil down that deep was a really nice sandy loam. No tests because Iím not really excited about what the nutrients are that far down.
Saturday, March 9 View Page
I have a few semis full of some beautiful dirt I found. I was disease testing soils I was looking at and very surprised to see disease numbers that high in what was very called ď good clean dirt ď.... Weíve rebuilt all the doors, put in a better cooling system and pretty much ready to get started. Iím looking forward to another fun but challenging season!!! Good luck to all in 2019!:)
Saturday, March 9 View Page
Photo for last entry. Still canít find that edit button after all these years. Lol
Friday, March 29 View Page
Iím hoping if I start earlier I can finally take down that pingrey guy!
Friday, March 29 View Page
I feel Iím well on my way! At this point I always have a state or world record. Here we go!
Friday, March 29 View Page
It seems something changes each year with something weíre doing. I used these lights last year and had fantastic results. Itís like a circus in the grow room but boy do the plants respond to this lighting well!!!
Saturday, April 6 View Page
Decisions decisions! Iím really happy with my seeds but not so happy with my Soil report. Iím going to take another one Monday and send it off. If things come back close to what the other says,,,, we go with it and hope for the best! Here we go again!!!! Good or bad,,,, each year if filled with excitement, let downs, hurt backs, blisters, stress but at the end itís always a good time and as long as you learn and do a little better each year it always worth it to me!!:):):) Let the games begin!!!
Friday, April 26 View Page
Baby pictures! All babies are up and just about ready to go into the patch!
Friday, April 26 View Page
Thanks again to both Steve Daletas and Leonardo Urena! Iíll do my best to make you proud! Weíll be planting out any day now!
Sunday, April 28 View Page
Another successful day at our new growers seminar! Thank you to Kevin Donahue and Mike P,,, because of you guys everything went perfect! Also,,, a huge shoutout to Ron Wallace who supports us every year and once again didnít disappoint!! You da man Ron thanks for all you do!!!
Monday, April 29 View Page
If you have any questions about this weekend feel free to email any of us!!:):) My email is- medunn16@yahoo.com Thanks again for all who showed up!!
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Always nice to have friends stop by the Patch! Mike P stopped by today to help me with a few things. Here are the 2 strongest 1911ís out of what I started. So far so good and a thumbs up from Mike means a personal best is coming this year!!
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Added a couple swamp coolers this year so when we get that heat Iíll be ready! These bigger units arenít cheap but they sure work well! Just add 5 gallons of water and turn on!
Sunday, May 26 View Page
Despite cool and cloudy weather the plants are growing well. Hereís the 1911 starting to run.
Sunday, May 26 View Page
Plant number 2 the 1928 Daletas. Sheís been another easy plant other then a couple fussy side vines. Sheís growing a bit faster but this seed out of the bunch I started has been a front runner since it broke dirt a few weeks back!! Iím excited to see where this one ends up!!
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Probably the best new addition to the 2019 patch!! 7 years ago when I started growing these giants I ran across a diary that had this sign. I loved it so much after all these years I finally made one for myself!!!! Custom stain, many top coats of urethane and sheís finally in the patch!!!! And from this sign became a good friend,,,, north shore Glenn!! What a great guy thatís always there to help the new grower!!! Thanks again for the idea Glenn and letís have this sign do us both well in 2019!!!!!
Sunday, June 9 View Page
1928 Daletas just moving along. Weíll be pollinated really soon! Probably a couple weeks before Iíve ever pollinated! We had sun today again which was nice,,,, the plant really responded well to the rays! The swamp coolers were the best thing I could of done!! They keep me right at the perfect temp.!
Sunday, June 9 View Page
Leonardoís plant is catching up!!! If we can keep this sun out itís going to be a good year!
Tuesday, August 13 View Page
Itís been a long time,,, for those that know me you guys have been great in helping and doing what I need to do to at least get a 1000 pound fruit to the end. 2 months ago ( right after I pollinated ) I caught a server case of pneumonia and was in and out of the hospital. I lost 25 pounds,,,energy gone and Iím just now starting to get back to life. There was a point, the day after I pollinated that I didnít go to the patch for 3 weeks. No feeding, no sprays,, nothing that had to do with the pumpkin patch at all. By week 4 a couple good buddies from here stopped by and helped me weed, adjust the pumpkins and figure out the mess I had in the patch,,, you know who you are and thanks!!:) since then itís been a couple days a week for a half hour or so just to take care of the bare minimum. Even just walking has been hard but Iíve been getting stronger each day! Disease has taken over the patch because I havenít been able to do anything and my plants are going down fast. Iím grateful though and still have the 2 Pumpkins I started with. I was hoping to get a couple to 1000 pounds. I taped for the first time and have one right at 1000 pounds and the other just under 1300 pounds! Thank you Jesus and hallelujah I have anything at all!!!! The names are endless of whoís been checking in on me and you know who you are but for the ones that have been contacting my wife through Facebook and some of those other internet channels Iím getting back on my feet and gearing up for 2020!!!! Iím hoping these fruit make it to the end so I have something for weigh off time!!! 2020 here we come!!! Thanks again all! Other then russ Pingrey that thinks Iím just sandbagging you guys rock! Lol
Tuesday, August 13 View Page
My 1928 with hat for reference. Hardly any care at upper 1200ís! This is what the main vine looks like when you donít adjust early,,,,, itís about to snap off and feels like a rubber band! Lol


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