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Tuesday, August 13, 2019 So.Cal.Grower Torrance, Ca.

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Itís been a long time,,, for those that know me you guys have been great in helping and doing what I need to do to at least get a 1000 pound fruit to the end.
2 months ago ( right after I pollinated ) I caught a server case of pneumonia and was in and out of the hospital. I lost 25 pounds,,,energy gone and Iím just now starting to get back to life. There was a point, the day after I pollinated that I didnít go to the patch for 3 weeks. No feeding, no sprays,, nothing that had to do with the pumpkin patch at all. By week 4 a couple good buddies from here stopped by and helped me weed, adjust the pumpkins and figure out the mess I had in the patch,,, you know who you are and thanks!!:) since then itís been a couple days a week for a half hour or so just to take care of the bare minimum.
Even just walking has been hard but Iíve been getting stronger each day!
Disease has taken over the patch because I havenít been able to do anything and my plants are going down fast. Iím grateful though and still have the 2 Pumpkins I started with. I was hoping to get a couple to 1000 pounds.
I taped for the first time and have one right at 1000 pounds and the other just under 1300 pounds! Thank you Jesus and hallelujah I have anything at all!!!!

The names are endless of whoís been checking in on me and you know who you are but for the ones that have been contacting my wife through Facebook and some of those other internet channels Iím getting back on my feet and gearing up for 2020!!!!
Iím hoping these fruit make it to the end so I have something for weigh off time!!!

2020 here we come!!!

Thanks again all! Other then russ Pingrey that thinks Iím just sandbagging you guys rock! Lol

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