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Tuesday, January 1 View Page
Happy and Healthy growing to everyone in 2019 and best of luck at the scales. We will be growing for orange and big and ugly this year. Final seed selection is happening now.
Tuesday, February 12 View Page
Letís move back to Vancouver Island where we can golf in winter...we got hammered with winter.
Tuesday, February 12 View Page
Snow like we donít normally see, and unusually cold.
Tuesday, February 12 View Page
Guarding the patch is a regular visitor, atop the highest tree in our forest.
Thursday, February 14 View Page
About 2 feet of atmospheric nitrogen has been added to the patch so far this week, with another storm happening now.
Friday, April 12 View Page
On the advice from BC Hall of Fame, and record holder Scott Carley (Spambie) I mowed down the cover crop to a manageable level to make the rototilling easier and more efficient. We have spread ďsome amendmentsĒ as per the soil test results and recommendations from other grower mentors on this site. The soil is in amazing condition and requires only a bit of tweaking to get the numbers in order and where weíd like to see them. 0-0-50, Kmag, Calpril, magnesium, boron, bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal and multi purpose micronutrients have been meticulously weighed, measured out and spread over the freshly cut cover crop and everything will get tilled by ďRototiller RobĒ this coming Monday. After that, heat mats will be installed, hoop houses built and heaters installed this year for the chilly overnight lows that we still get till itís June. Seed selection has been narrowed down, seed starting mix and lights are ready to go. Thatís enough work for today, I golf 18 holes this afternoon to relax after a few hours playing on our land.
Friday, April 12 View Page
Looks like the old sign needs a sanding and refinishing, but the message remains the same!!
Monday, April 15 View Page
Rototiller Bob came today and made pretty quick work of the cover crop and amendments. Heat cables will be installed, hoop-houses built, electrical installed for heaters and we will be ready to go. Seeds will be soaked and started in a day or two and itís pumpkin season. Will only grow 3 competition plants this year along with one Field Pumpkin.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
Some of the seedlings we have started, 2255 Eddy Z and 1043 Chan by far the stars of the show and are the ones that will get planted. We are considering growing 2 of the 2255 EZ plants and doing a sub cross the reinforce the great cross that Eddy did into these seeds. The 1043 Chan, just has a great track record for growing monster fruit, and Iím growing it for my buddy Dave, since he is taking the year off to pursue travel.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
Two of our 3 hoophouses are up and will get wired for power soon. The seedlings will get planted this weekend, then later Iíll start a field pumpkin in an effort to dethrone Jeff Pelletier as the current B.C. Champion in that category. 3 giant pumpkins and 1 field pumpkin this year, with a much larger vegetable garden will keep us busy in the patch this year. I golf 4 times a week, so if the weeding doesnít get done...Iím golfing well.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Wired, watered and ready to roll! Weíve planted 2 x 1043 Chan plants and one 2255 Eddy Z.
Monday, May 6 View Page
Two regular heat lamps and one infrared heat lamp are keeping the small hoophouses above 60 degrees at night even when the overnight temps are dipping down into the low 50ís. The seedlings have settled well into their new homes, and while we are about a week behind our normal schedule, we are looking forward to our second year with our new patch. Itís been really dry, so the patch has been easy to work in and get things ready.


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