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Saturday, January 28 View Page
2059 Daletas
Saturday, February 25 View Page
Number one down and out, maybe with this warm weather I can get them all before planting time
Friday, March 24 View Page
Killed mole #2 I almost dug it out of the trash to weigh it, I think it was a record breaker:)
Monday, April 3 View Page
My test is to watch roots growing between sheets of window glass but while I am doing it I will compare nontreated roots to roots treated with Marks Root Keeper. This is a weird photo, the storm window is laying on a table,I installed 1/2" foam around the 3 sides as a spacer, with a L shaped piece of metal to create an edge.
Monday, April 3 View Page
I am making two of these so I mixed up enough potting soil to fill them both so the moisture levels would be the same .I made a gauge to pull across the soil at 3/4" that way it will be compressed down to the 1/2" foam .
Monday, April 3 View Page
Monday, April 3 View Page
I planted 5, 4-year-old seeds 2 came up within hours of each other they are the A cups, the following day the B cups sprouted, and one reject.
Monday, April 3 View Page
I sprayed off the soil from the roots
Monday, April 3 View Page
And planted one A and one B into each "container" one conatiner was sprayed with 16 oz of plain water, the other was sprayed with 16 oz of water with Marks Root Keeper added I also dipped those two plants into the root keeper before planting.
Monday, April 3 View Page
They wont be getting the best light ,I just dont have a setup to accommodate them, but the light will be equal for them, after the photo I added tape to the glass to mark the root lenght of each.I am a little worried about the stems rotting and cdf plain on removing the glass every 2 days to check moisture and to let oxygen get to the roots and soil
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
Castor bean photo for Christopher24
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Day 3, out of the 4 plants the B in plain water has grown the most roots(past the tape) one of the plants treated with marks root keeper has grown about 1/3 as much as B, but the other two plants one in plain water and one in MarksRK haven't shown signs of growth
Saturday, April 8 View Page
yesterday's pictures I am surprised that there are more roots on the lighted sides of the glass than the dark side, the lighted side is a bit warmer. I was comparing the first true leaf in this photo
Saturday, April 8 View Page
One of the Root Keeper plants has a 13 inch root, another has 12" roots and the two plants given plain water have 11" roots, I lost the pictures somehow of those. Appearance wish I don't see a difference in the roots other than length
Saturday, April 8 View Page
I knocked one of the bottom clips off the panel of the plain water group and the soil dropped down, I laid down the glass and refilled the huge air gap.If I do another test like this I will have a brace holding in the center of the panels to keep them from bulging out. Thinking of doing a control , Hollands Myco, and Wows Pumpkin Pro but it probably won't happen untell next spring
Saturday, April 15 View Page
This was Day 9 and final day ,I dont have time to give them good care. If I do this again I would wash the roots off and weigh the plants ,get total for roots and plant.The root keeper had roots over 21" plain water 19" but the other plain water was 15"
Saturday, April 15 View Page
Plain water
Saturday, April 15 View Page
side by side
Saturday, April 15 View Page
true leaf comparison
Saturday, April 15 View Page
The above photo was not correct here it is
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
5 days old except the 2261 Wallace which is 3 days, the 2063 Willemijns seems leggy but it has spent all of its daylight hours outside.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
More comfort control than I get
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
I think thats my first sideways pic..woohoo
Sunday, April 23 View Page
What's going on with my plants, so far 4 out of 4 looks like this in different degrees, I used the same potting mix with added azo myko and companion, the planting hole had pumpkin pro and azos added.
Sunday, April 23 View Page
same plant
Monday, April 24 View Page
Here is what Matt Debacco said-- My first reaction was that it looks like virus to me, but it could be some form of toxicity in your soil. Nothing that you mentioned (and also thanks for the information and details) seems out of the ordinary or would cause this to occur. My only guess would be high salts or a Ca issue. The fact that you are seeing it on multiple seedlings is odd and leads me to look at a potential soil issue. Calcium can cause odd looks to the leaves as well as residual 2,4D, so is there any chance this was sprayed on the area or did you bring in any compost/soil that may have had grass clippings as a base source material? Just considering all potential options. -Matt
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
Plants are recovering! I will go out on a limb and say it was 2-4-D that caused my problem, thanks for the replies everyone.I may have some seedlings to give away in 4 or 5 days in central Illinois


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