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Sunday, January 1 View Page
Happy New Year to all of you. Look what Iīve found in the basement a couple days ago. It has been there since quite a while, and it was me who should have known that it was there (I dug it out of the ground this summer, and havenīt taken much notice, I brought it into the basement and again I havenīt paid much attention). Now Iīve found it again, and Iīm happy.
Tuesday, January 17 View Page
Look what Iīve found in my mailbox today, thatīs amazing :) Seeds have been sent off on the 12th and arrived today (17th January), only five days from Canada to Germany (incl. weekend in between). Miracles happen. Thanks heaps Ryan.
Tuesday, May 16 View Page
Plants today :) This year thereīs only one spot for two plants (back to back). I have sent two of my 706 (uow) Wagler 15 and two of the 1803 Hoelke 16 into the race. Currently it looks like the 1803 is systematically more aggressive than the 706, but their leaves seem to be a bit more light sensitive as well. In case of the 1803 I have a clear favorite (plant 2), but in case of the 706 I have no clue, they are so similar to each other right now. It may take a while before I will make a final decision.
Wednesday, May 31 View Page
My plants today. This year I can clearly see the advantage of double planting (same site, same seed, the two strongest plants out of 3 or 4 seedlings went into the patch next to each other). In case of the 706 Wagler it was very hard to tell the difference between the two plants around mid May, but now I can see that one of the two plants seems to be a bit more aggressive (two excellent plants though, same color of the vine, similar development of secondaries, both of them show the first female in the main vine tip, and the baby pumpkins are very similar to one another both in color and shape and stem length, as far as I can see it right now). In case of the 1803 Hoelke it is easy to tell which plant will be removed soon (it is much shorter and it had developed some sections of flat main vine, although not turned into a ribbon vine plant yet).
Tuesday, June 6 View Page
Such a lovely female, so cute, so beautiful, so fragile, but also so strong, so precious, full of surprises, a real gem. This beauty just survived a heavy rainstorm spiced with some hail. This beautiful gem is like an opal, so interesting, precious and fragile, needs some water to reveal her full potential and can be so colorful. Oh yes, *‘opal’ is perfect. Eight months of waiting. 8 for the guy whoīs waiting and 3 for the female, and so many days, weeks, months of trying to do the right things, of trying to make the best decisions.
Thursday, June 8 View Page
Today (8th June) is ‘Best Friends Day’. Best Friends, thatīs like two streams joining, no matter how different they are, they become one, inseparable, they share their fate. In times of flood their combined power can move mountains, in times of drought they share their last drops of water which saves the stream from running dry. If one suffers pollution, the other helps dilute, if one is getting too hot, the other helps cool and save its life, whereas the individual streams would freeze much earlier, the heat of their combined bodies helps survive the cold.
Monday, June 12 View Page
Today (12/06) I made the positive experience that the male parts of the plants should be fine (no sterile plants, what a relief). Everything else?...time will tell...nothing happened yet, looking forward to maybe 1207.
Tuesday, June 13 View Page
No, Iīm not going to advertise any products here, but when I visit my pumpkin patch I happen to think of this lip balm. Beeswax and strawberry. Although bees are so cute and helpful, basically as helpful as strawberries are great and yummy, our pumpkin plants are less helpful for the bees. No open pollinations, and if we need to spray insectizides we better remove the male flowers before they open, because at least we donīt want to kill the bees. This year, however, my pumpkin patch should become a great place for bees. Whereas in past years I had sown corn along the perimeter of my patch, this year I have sown Phacelia. Bees love it (in addition to the pumpkin males, which are available for the bees on my patch)!!! Now the first couple of Phacelia flowers have opened, and a good bunch of bumblebees can be found already. Itīs probably just a matter of another couple of days and then the honeybees will find my patch, too. Well, the lack of corn certainly limits the possibilities of making jokes of things like corn cobs and rape fields, but the 'bees and flowers' topic isnīt bad either, is it?
Tuesday, June 13 View Page
Today the first females opened, one on the 706 and one on the 1803 plant, each of them was a five-lober at about 6 or 7 ft down the main vine. Hence, I removed them and decided to compare their cross sections. It looks interesting how different the symmetry inside such a five-lober could be, doesnīt it?
Tuesday, June 13 View Page
AG plants today :)
Monday, June 19 View Page
1803 Hoelke x self (had only one male available this morning).
Friday, June 23 View Page
Pollination today: 706 Wagler x 1803 Hoelke


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