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Saturday, December 23, 2017 Pumpking Germany

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Probably my best cross this year: The 104(uow) and 204(uow) Wagler 17. Both are 1803 Hoelke 16 x 706 uow Wagler 15. This year I had started 3 plants from 1803 Hoelke seeds, two of them (plants 1 and 2) went into the competition patch next to one another, and plant 3 (started a couple of days later, just meant to be a back-up) was such a strong and beautiful seedling and therefore I decided to keep this plant in a little corner of my garden, maybe for using it as a pollinator plant. So what happened to plants 1, 2 and 3: Plant 1 developed ribbon vines and was a slower grower, hence it was culled and plant 2 was allowed to grow in the competition patch. In summer plant 2 turned out to be horribly sensitive toward sunscald, and the fruit it produced (in spite of the severe hail damage) was smaller and lighter than the fruit grown on my 706 Wagler plant, and it went 11% light with respect to the new (2017) OTT chart. Plant 3 had been almost dead after the hailstorm on 28th June, but it recovered and the picture basically shows the size of the plant (it merely consisted of a couple of vines which were allowed to run across the lawn in my garden) and the two little genetics pumpkins on it, pollinated on 20th and 21st July. This plant never had any sunscald issues, and those fruit went 13% and 19% heavy (in the cross sections you can see why...this stem end is amazing). In summary: This little genetics set consists of a mother which was the best out of three 1803 Hoelke seeds and a father which produced my best of patch this year (and, without hail damage, this pollinator plant must have had the capability of growing a new personal best for me under otherwise similar circumstances). In both years 2016 and 2017 my own seeds produced my best of patch, hence I will stick with the "tradition" of growing one of my own seeds every year, and I already know which of my own seeds will be in my line-up in 2018 :)

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