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Wednesday, January 1 View Page
Have a great growing season everyone, already looking forward to the weighoffs in October.
Friday, June 27 View Page
My 2009 Wallace seed did not grow and replacing it was an extra 1043 Chan that my good buddy Dave had from his last years cross of 1789 Wallace x 1544 Revier. The Revier pumpkin ended up big and 24% heavy which pleased everyone.
Sunday, June 29 View Page
And our 1602 Glasier that has exploded with nice healthy growth over the past couple of weeks.
Thursday, July 3 View Page
1043 Chan plant has its first couple of days in full sun after we took down the hoophouse a couple days ago. Protecting a female in the tip, and misting once in awhile as it settles in and is stretching out.
Thursday, July 3 View Page
1602 Glasier also has a female in the works on the main, and will need the ole rub and tickle in another 5 or 6 days. Very nice plant, hoping for good things out of this seed locally.
Friday, July 4 View Page
Every year, something happens with a rogue varmit...mainly and most likely...a squirrel. There have been no squirrels noticed in the past few weeks after an early cull, and the frequent owls we have lurking... I did not do my usual routine of clearing up the stump area and placing a basket on top to prevent just this!!
Friday, July 4 View Page
On a better note, while grooming vines and trenching further out, I moved a stepping stone and was very pleased with the abundance of rooting a good distance away from main growth area...a good sign. Happy 4th everyone!!
Sunday, July 6 View Page
So, after the squirrel nibble, a sleepless night, and the realization that I was partly to blame by not taking these early precausions, my awesome grower partner (Andrea) took me by the hand and we went to the Dollar Store for some fresh baskets to solve and prevent other issues! Thanks Andi!!
Sunday, July 6 View Page
1602 Glasier ready in a few days, protective basket provided. We also removed the tendril, leaf and secondary so that the basket would fit better. Lucky for us, this plant did it's own little S-Turn before and after the female flower, so all I need to do is plan its mate, and hope there are lots of flowers available for that day. Richmond Dave is gonna rumble over here in his 67 GTX for flowers one morning soon... Maybe Dave and I better tap into those Valley Growers...Hey Scott and Kate, you got pollen??
Wednesday, July 9 View Page
In the foreground is the 1602 Glasier eating up ground and has a fresh pollination today under the embrella. 1602 Glasier x 1043 Chan. In the distance, is the 1043 Chan also with a basket and umbrella protecting tomorrows pollination.
Saturday, July 12 View Page
A view of both plants today with the 1602 Glasier being closest and 1043 Chan in the distance in the lower patch. Great weather and extended forcast, but I see that I am quite a bit behind some of the other local growers like Spambie (Scott), KMumford (Kate), Richmond Dave, and Pumpkinpley (Dave). At least I appear to have pumpkins set on both plants on the main vines, and lots of plant will be behind them when they are both filled in. With another great September here in British Columbia, I'm hoping to catch all the early front-runners and pass by them in the later part of the growing season...time will tell. Its great to see all the newer growers getting so into it and involved. We expect a great event/weighoff this year, and are adding sponsors along the way.
Saturday, July 12 View Page
1043 Chan growing nicely but is needing some misting during the day to eleviate heat stress and leaf damage. Got the timers set for while we are not here, but I hand mist them when we are home...its more funner!!
Saturday, July 12 View Page
1602 Glasier getting alot wider and eating up its space. Main vine has turned itself away from the fruit, and all systems appear to be go. I'm going to get in there and do some preventative vine and leaf clearing, so that I have easy access to the pumpkin for when the real fun starts!!
Tuesday, July 15 View Page
1/2 of the 1043 Chan, pollination at day 5 and looks to be OK, is about softball size. Will start terminating the first few secondaries as they have reached their limit.
Tuesday, July 15 View Page
6 day old fruit on the 1602 Glasier, plant is still ripping along...have also begun to terminate secondaries on one side at 15 feet. I like the football shape to this early baby, and will nurse it along as it appears that I am all-in on this pumpkin.
Friday, July 18 View Page
Side shot of the 1602 plant today with 1043 in the distance. We've had great weather, and now will get a couple days of showers and then back to sunny and warm/hot.
Friday, July 18 View Page
1602 Glasier at day 9, has done 4" in circ for the past 2 days...
Friday, July 18 View Page
1043 Chan on day 8, has grown 3" in circ for the past 2 days...
Saturday, July 26 View Page
1602 Glasier to the right and 1043 Chan in the distance. Day 16 & 17 right now...I better fire up the spreadsheet...I think this might be a fun ride!! By the look of some of the other local diaries, I am a bit behind, but I'm hoping to pull a Gilmore, and count on the late September gains to pull me alongside at the end. Patch visits have taken place, there are no secrets, petal to the metal!!
Wednesday, July 30 View Page
Day 20 for the 1602 Glasier x 1043 Chan. 65-45-45 our biggest day 20 circumference to date...and the 1043 Chan will also get its picture taken tomorrow for day 20 and the reporting of the numbers.
Thursday, July 31 View Page
Day 20 for the 1043 Chan x 1602 Glasier and this one appears to be chasing and catching it's patchmate, after a bit of a slower start...63-46-42 Day 21 for the 1602 and it put on 16 lbs overnight in less than 24 hours...better strap on for the ride!!
Friday, August 1 View Page
Both pumpkins rising above the canopy now. Weather has been awesome and we are busy with other projects around the house, so we will likely update our diary every week to 10 days. 1602 Glasier in full sun at 7am and 1043 Chan in the lower patch waiting till her share of the sun, at around 8:30am...then patches get pretty much full sun till sunset...which is getting earlier and earlier every day now. 1602 did 24 lbs in past 24 hours and 1043 did 21 lbs.
Sunday, August 3 View Page
Aside from working on our new deck, Andrea and I have been enjoying cruising in our 1963 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe. Bought this car when I was 15 years old (so was the car) and I've owned it ever since. Sure turns alot of heads, but not like having a giant pumpkin or 2 in the back of your pickup truck.
Saturday, August 9 View Page
Day 30 for our 1602 Glasier which sits at 104" in circumerence and 242 OTT, a milestone for us as our biggest 30 day pumpkin, but not by too much and the 1043 Chan is day 30 tomorrow, so I am optomistic about the days ahead. 1602 has gained 231 lbs over the past 10 days and has ramped up a little each day and is now around 25-27 lbs per day.
Sunday, August 10 View Page
Day 30 for the patch leading 1043 Chan. 109" in circ and 250" OTT. Its grown 269 lbs in the past 10 days for a nice average, but it also has ramped it up and is still on the upward growth curve.
Sunday, August 10 View Page
Going to need to upgrade the Glasier's cover, and have not wrapped the other one yet, we just have not had any rain. Weather again is forcast for another nice 2 weeks, almost all secondaries are terminated, but I always try and keep something new growing to keep the plant happy.
Friday, August 15 View Page
Pretty soon my water tank will be covered in long gourd vines and leaves...these plants also amaze me. We have a few set and growing, with a couple of them in perfect spots. Will have to do a cull soon.
Friday, August 15 View Page
We also have tall sunflowers of different colours at the front...
Friday, August 15 View Page
And these are the multi-head yellow sunflowers that are the nicest...brilliant colour and they keep flowering late into the season.
Sunday, August 17 View Page
980 Fredricks x 1602 Glasier at Steve's house doing nicely. He is gonna do his best to pre-battle disease and insects this year, and his plant shows it...very healthy. He's gotta grow one over 500 lbs...could this be the one?
Monday, August 18 View Page
All these months later, out pops another plant, right from the first secondary...outa nowhere...
Monday, August 18 View Page
I'm gonna trim off its secondaries, and let it meander where there is some older growth that will be crispy in a few weeks...
Tuesday, August 19 View Page
Day 40 for the 1602 Glasier today at 287 OTT. Has gained 203 lbs in the past 10 days for a pretty good 10 day average and has gained 25 lbs per day for the past 2 days...all good. Started out a nice football shape, went to nice and round with big shoulders, to all of a sudden there is a whole bunch of junk in the trunk...really starting to widen out and sure like what I see so far.
Wednesday, August 20 View Page
Day 40 today for the 1043 Chan as she sits at 306 OTT. It has gained 279 lbs in the past 10 days for a decent average of 28 lbs per day...We are hoping for 800 lbs by the end of August which seems to be in reach with its current growth rate and growth curve.
Friday, August 29 View Page
Day 50 today for our 1602 Glasier. 314 OTT and has gained 155 lbs over the past 10 days. Looks to be a consistant grower...I look forward to seeing what the next 10 days will bring.
Saturday, August 30 View Page
1043 Chan at day 50 today and is 336 OTT. Has gained 195 lbs in the past 10 days so I'm pretty happy with the growth curve at this point. There is another 40 days till the Aldor Acres Weighoff, so I have hopes that both might make it to the scale for us.
Monday, September 1 View Page
Went to a car show on Labour Day monday, was the Fairlane, Falcon Comet club and it was so neat to see so many fords from the 60's all in one spot.
Wednesday, September 3 View Page
Richmond Dave brought his Mopar, and cleaned up in his category...very nice car!!
Wednesday, September 3 View Page
The rain cover got too small or the pumpkin continues to grow, as my wife pointed out to me that the cover needed to be made larger. 1602 Glasier continues to grow nicely as does the 1043 Chan.
Wednesday, September 3 View Page
Able to get into the patch and take a side view and backend view of the pumpkin...pretty happy about what I see. Bring on the sun!!
Thursday, September 4 View Page
Couple years ago, when I began taking over more yard space for pumpkins, Andrea said something like "do what you want, as long as you build a bigger patio, and bigger veggie garden for me...took almost 2 years but the last paver was placed in today.
Saturday, September 6 View Page
We had a nice BBQ party today (pumpkin viewing day) and had a nice time with a great group of people...
Sunday, September 7 View Page
I'd say a new patio and larger veggie garden was a good deal for me... Day 60 for the 1602 Glasier to the right, and day 60 for the 1043 Chan in the distance.
Monday, September 8 View Page
Meant Day 60 for the Glasier today and day 60 for the Chan tomorrow... 330 OTT today and has gained 105 lbs over the past 10 days. Growth curve is on the downward slope, but changes in shape and bulging out can be noticed in several areas. Aldor Acres Weighoff is on October 11th...still a long way to go.
Tuesday, September 9 View Page
1043 Chan on day 60 today, sits at 354 OTT. It has gained 135 lbs in the past 10 days for a decent average but the growth curve is also on its way down, typical for this time of the year.
Wednesday, September 17 View Page
Weather is starting to change and I'm prepping to re-cover the ribs to the rain protection hut... The 1602 Glasier has been a pleasure to grow and continues to grow, and actually is turning the tables on the 1043 Chan and closing some ground on that one. Aldor Acres Giant Pumpkin Weighoff is on October 11th, so there is still plenty of time to put on some more weight. Day 70 soon on both pumpkins, I'll update again then.
Thursday, September 18 View Page
Day 70 today for the 1602 Glasier, sits at 342 OTT and seems to be growing about 1" OTT per day now. Has gained 86 lbs in the past 10 days, so the daily average is ramping down like normal, so I'm good with that. Its another 22 days till weighoff in Vancouver, lots of time yet. With some luck, if both pumpkins make it to scale, we have a chance at both backyard pumpkins going over 1K this year.
Friday, September 19 View Page
Day 70 today for the 1043 Chan, which officially becomes not only our largest day 70 pumpkin, but is our largest pumpkin ever grown at 365 OTT. It has gained 88 lbs in the past 10 days, which is also a pretty decent daily average considering the growth slope is on it's way down.
Monday, September 22 View Page
Rats, didnt't get the Glasier pumpkin covered before the weather changed and we have a few days of liquid sunshine. The temperature and overnight temps are too bad right now, and September has been great!!
Monday, September 22 View Page
The 1043 Chan pumpkin has always had the rain shelter in place, but during the past few weeks I've been taking the blankets off the pumpkins to let them warm up during the heat of the day, and bring out any more orange colour that might be in there. Aldor Acres Giant Pumpkin Weighoff is 19 days away on October 11th. Looks like there will be some pretty big pumpkins there again this year...1044 lbs is the Weighoff record held by Chad...that might change this year. Also the Squash record in British Columbia is likely to be broken as someone has a monster greenie they are bringing along to Aldor Acres. There's also Spambie (Scott) another local grower who started with 12 plants...he's got a few monsters lurking in his patch and recently updated his diary...Chad is likley bringing another surprise to weighoff and we'd certainly like to see all the Island growers make the trip over to the Mainland and join us at the Weighoff.
Thursday, September 25 View Page
Hey Spambie, you can install solar powered, remote wifi controlled go-pro camera's inside your growing tents and get a couple of the official Giant Pumpkin Estimation Tape Measures...and you can update us on some numbers. What is that old saying "something stops when the tailgate drops" and we always have to remember that nothing is over till Chad Gilmore arrives with his pumpkins...no diary from him this year...
Sunday, September 28 View Page
Junior with the 1602 Glasier on day 80 today. It has gained 44 lbs in the past 10 days, only getting about 1/2 inch OTT each day now and today will be the last measure untill weighoff...on October 11th.
Sunday, September 28 View Page
No matter how much rubbing or buffing or polishing my orange 1602 Glasier...I won't be getting it as orange as Steve's entry on the 980 Fredricks...Wow...
Monday, September 29 View Page
Day 80 for the 1043 Chan today, has gained 60 lbs in the past 10 days and will likely sit covered for the next week or so while we wait for the weighoff.
Sunday, October 5 View Page
Little front page action in our local North Shore News. Spambie, you might want to look closely at the caption. http://issuu.com/north-shore-news/docs/nsnsun20141005
Wednesday, October 8 View Page
Took down the covers and brought out the tripod lifter in prep for moving day this friday. 1043 Chan was grown by both Dave and I this year, and both pumpkins have been nice growers...I don't think I got the best out of this plant (skin is still smooth in alot of areas) and I wonder what this seed would do in the soil of a more experienced grower...sure would like to see a couple of you out there try this seed...seems to be the shape that most growers look for in big and heavy..we'll see on October 11th.
Thursday, October 9 View Page
1043 Chan close up for you orange lovers...and not to leave anyone out...a touch of green where the sun did not shine... Day 90 on the 1043 and it gained 26 lbs in the past 10 days and the 1602 did not grow at all in inches between day 80-90 unless it is thickening on the inside...
Friday, October 10 View Page
Time to lift them onto a pallet and use a pallet jack and plywood to get these babies out to the front...
Friday, October 10 View Page
...then when out front, rebuild the tripod and lift them into the truck and trailer...
Friday, October 10 View Page
On the trailer is our 1602 Glasier, and on the truck is 2 x 1043 Chan. Dave's in the front and mine in the back...
Friday, October 10 View Page
Both 1043 Chan's await the scale tomorrow at Aldor Acres. Many thanks to Dave, Kate and Andrea...only the 4 of us to move those big pumpkins...
Sunday, October 12 View Page
1602 Glasier on my right and 1043 Chan on my left. We are very lucky to be able to have only 2 plants and bring 2 pumpkins to the scale...
Sunday, October 12 View Page
Here is Kate with the new BC Record Squash at 722 lbs... Thanks for all your help Kate, its like we've known you for years!!
Sunday, October 12 View Page
Here's part of the lineup just prior to the start of the weighoff...we got so lucky with the weather.
Sunday, October 12 View Page
Here is Dave, excited that his 1043 Chan pumpkin went way over chart at 16% heavy, but not thrilled that he fell short by a mere 3 lbs of last years PB. None the less, his second year in a row of surpassing 1000 lbs...way to go Dave!!
Sunday, October 12 View Page
And then Andrea's 1602 Glasier thumps down on the scale...comes in at 1126 lbs and a PB for both of us...and also a whopping 15% heavy to the chart and still larger pumpkin to come with the 1043 Chan. Now the
Sunday, October 12 View Page
Then, Scott Carley's beast from a sibbed 1985 Miller hits the scale...also comes in 4% over the charts heavy and tips the scale at 1177 lbs. Very nice PB for Scott...well done.
Sunday, October 12 View Page
Scott appears to be pretty happy, as I look off and see them prepping the next and last of the pumpkins to be weighed...
Sunday, October 12 View Page
So the 1043 Chan sits on the scale while I talk a little to the crowd about giant pumpkin growing. Honestly I'm pretty confident that like Dave's heavy 1043 Pumpkin and our earlier heavy 1602 pumpkin...that the odds of my patch living up to a history of being an average of 8% heavy to the charts...but like we all know so well....it ain't over till the weight is revealed...
Sunday, October 12 View Page
1124 lbs...the first person to congratulate and console me at the same time was the winner Scott...what a classy guy!!
Sunday, October 12 View Page
Scott and I pose for a few photos and then there was a bit of a mad dash with cameras and interviews...some of it is a blur but we sure all had a good time. 4 pumpkins over 1000 lbs with 3 topping 1100 lbs is a pretty fantastic result. Thanks to everyone involved, it takes alot of volunteers and helpers to make something like this take place. Thanks go to everyone out there involved in this sport/hobby that steps up and helps out and puts in an effort to do whatever you can to have a successful weighoff event...hats off to you all.
Monday, October 13 View Page
1126 Dixon (1602 Glasier x 1043 Chan) moved back to it's rightfull spot in the driveway in preparation for carving. Thanks to all our sponsors including our newest sponsor Terralink...
Monday, October 13 View Page
1124 Dixon (1043 Chan x 1602 Glasier) also waiting to be carved and displayed.
Thursday, October 30 View Page
There you have it, 2250 lbs of carved pumpkins!!
Friday, October 31 View Page
Happy Halloween Everyone...what a great season!!
Thursday, November 6 View Page
And now, the patch has been put to sleep, Rye crop is a little thin due to the birds but will be OK by next Spring. 1126 lbs and 1124 lbs from a space no bigger than 50' x 25' and a row of Spring bushes that I am forbidden from cutting/removing...all you small patch growers...it can be done.
Monday, November 24 View Page
OK, let't talk Dill rings!! You can see the slight, but obvious Dill ring, in about the middle of the pumpkin that spans 2 big ribs. Once the pumpkin was cut open, I can tell you that on the inside, opposite of the Dill rings...IS THE THICKEST PART OF THE PUMPKIN!! This is not the first time, that I have seen Dill rings show on the outer part of the pumpkin and the flesh is the thickest portion....yes not always true...but for me it is almost always the case...


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