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Sunday, May 30, 2021 Gerald UK Watlington, UK

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The leaves look ok, a bit small perhaps, but the colour and texture is good. The main vine now about 9 feet. What's missing is the side vines. There's one coming from the stump, about 4 feet long, and that's it. There should be another opposite, and the others proceeding up the vine from the stump end should be several inches long at least. You can see that the buds have appeared, but they're just not growing. So what's going on???
My guess is that because I've applied rooting hormone on the nodes along the main vine, it's inhibited the growth of the side vines coming from the nodes. The signal at the node is for the plant to make roots, not grow shoots and extend vines. So from now on I will only apply rooting hormones to the side vines, not the main vine.
They may grow out of it, they may not. If they do, great, but if not, then I'll grow some tertiaries off the secondaries further up the vine down towards the stump area to compensate. I'll also train the secondaries to go back at an angle. A bit of a setback, but that's what happens when you 'try stuff', you learn from your mistakes!

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