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Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off Results: Tomato

This page shows the results for the selected weigh-off site and class gathered so far this year. During the weigh-off these results are subject to change by the weigh-off coordinator.


PlaceWeight (lbs)Grower NameCityState/ProvCountrySeed (Mother)Pollinator (Father)OTTEst. WeightPct. Chart
13.89Clementz, MarkHollyMichiganUnited States4.3 Shymanskiopen0.00.000.0
22.64Snyder, JerryBessemerPennsylvaniaUnited States0.00.000.0
31.90Razo, SteveNew MiddletownOhioUnited States0.00.000.0
41.87Crissman, GusBradfordPennsylvaniaUnited States0.00.000.0
51.80Harp, NickMassillonOhioUnited States0.00.000.0
61.43Lanterman, DempseyBerlin CenterOhioUnited States0.00.000.0
71.42Dawson, JerrySalinevilleOhioUnited States0.00.000.0
81.34Werner, MarleneSaegertownPennsylvaniaUnited States0.00.000.0
90.87Brunst, HeidiWest SunburyPennsylvaniaUnited States0.00.000.0
100.77Stelts, Dave & CarolEnon ValleyPennsylvaniaUnited States0.00.000.0
110.72Brunst, AndersenWest SunburyPennsylvaniaUnited States0.00.000.0
11 Entries.

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