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Leiserberge Weigh-off Results: Marrow

This page shows the results for the selected weigh-off site and class gathered so far this year. During the weigh-off these results are subject to change by the weigh-off coordinator.


PlaceWeight (lbs)Grower NameCityState/ProvCountrySeed (Mother)Pollinator (Father)OTTEst. WeightPct. Chart
173.90Wodka Melone, TeamUpper AustriaAustriaKlochopen0.00.000.0
261.70Hoefler, NorbertLower AustriaAustria74.7 Hoefler 2021self0.00.000.0
355.10Pachtrog, AndreasLower AustriaAustria64.4 Grabmayer 2020open0.00.000.0
445.20Permafrost, TeamLower AustriaAustria71.7 Grabmayer 2020open0.00.000.0
543.00Grabmayer, ManfredGr. GerungsLower AustriaAustria71.7 Grabmayer 2020self0.00.000.0
622.00Lacina, MartinViennaAustria145 Kloch 19open0.00.000.0
720.90Kurzreiter, LukasLower AustriaAustria176.8 Baggs 2021open0.00.000.0
88.80Team, Bauhof TullnTullnLower AustriaAustria152.5 Tobeckself0.00.000.0
8 Entries.

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